Have You Ever Returned an Expensive Bag out of Guilt ?

Yup. I got these "great deals" on two different YSLs. I wasn't using them though... So I realized that they weren't such great deals and I wasn't happy with them. I returned them both. I realized that the YSL I really want is a Mombasa--so I'm holding out for my store to get them back in stock now :P
I've done it twice...well I havent' actually returned it to the store...I've given the money back to my BF who had given it to me to purchase because I was wanting it so bad. I felt bad for having him do that so I returned his money to him on two occasions...but now, NOPE! no more! hehe
Yes, but then I changed my mind a few months later and went back to get it but the price of that bag went up!!! So, I don't think I will EVER be returning anything any more without thinking twice about it!!!