Have You Ever Returned an Expensive Bag out of Guilt ?

  1. Have you ever returned an expensive bag out of guilt ?

    I havent, but, I have had many sleepless nights about the ones that I want.
  2. No.
  3. Yup. I got these "great deals" on two different YSLs. I wasn't using them though... So I realized that they weren't such great deals and I wasn't happy with them. I returned them both. I realized that the YSL I really want is a Mombasa--so I'm holding out for my store to get them back in stock now :P
  4. i don't buy unless i'm 100% sure.
  5. yes
  6. Not yet...
  7. No, not out of guilt, but I have returned due to quality defects.
  8. I've done it twice...well I havent' actually returned it to the store...I've given the money back to my BF who had given it to me to purchase because I was wanting it so bad. I felt bad for having him do that so I returned his money to him on two occasions...but now, NOPE! no more! hehe
  9. Yes, once, then it made it hard for me to buy antyhing for a while afterward for fear of feeling the same way.
  10. Yes, but then I changed my mind a few months later and went back to get it but the price of that bag went up!!! So, I don't think I will EVER be returning anything any more without thinking twice about it!!!
  11. Nope. I make sure it's really what I want before buying, and I make sure I can afford it so I don't feel guilty about spending the money.
  12. No but I'm thinking about it!! I just got my two Gucci Horsebit Hobos, I love them but feel like getting two at once is a little excess, and I don't like excess, sigh.
  13. No, since I very rarely impluse shop with high end bags, I usually know 100% that its the bag for me.
  14. actually i have never returned anything in my life. usually i have to be 100% sure when i buy something, whether it's shoes, bags or clothes.
  15. Am thinking about returning my Speedy right now and getting a used one instead. Still thinking though...