Have you ever returned a bag? which one?

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  1. hi there. i was wondering if any of you have ever returned a bag. what was it and what made you decide to return it?:sad:
    let me start, i just returned a belem mm. i was so in love with this bag until i got one and realized it wasn't working for me. the bag is so hard to carry on my shoulder, too bulky .maybe, if it was made as a handbag just like the belem pm>too small for me.

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  2. Returned a Prada bag that had fur trim and shearling lining back to NM.
    Returned a Dior purse that'd been on sale on eLux.
    Just didn't like them after seeing them IRL.
  3. Yea, returned my LV Damier Ribera MM and got the Manhattan PM instead. It was smaller and better suited for my frame. I don't regret it at all. Best return I ever made!
  4. I've returned an MJ Stella, an Ivory Paddington and a Kooba Sienna, all of which I'd bought online. I returned the Stella because it was just too big for me, the Paddy because I couldn't justify having a second one, and the Sienna because ultimately the color didn't look right with anything in my closet. I have no problems with returning any item I haven't used if it isn't working for me.
  5. Sure I have- several. I usually know I don't "need" them or if they were impulse purchases if they're sitting in my closet with the tags on a month or two after I bought them. When that happens, back they go!
  6. Just returned a Damier Alma for a Damier Papillon 30 and I couldn't be more pleased!
  7. Yes! I returned a Panda pochette for a Cerises pochette b/c after seeing it IRL it reminded me of a child's bag. Also returned an amber ludlow for a bronze cles b/c I couldn't get used to the amber.
  8. I returned a Paddington hobo bag I purchased from NM. I had not seen it in real life, but I was in love with the idea of getting a Paddington, and this was all I could find at the time.

    When it arrived, I found it SO HUGE, and SO HEAVY, and SO SHAPELESS! I tried to fill it and see if it looked better, but first of all, I didn't have enough stuff I deemed worth carrying in a bag to fill the darn thing! And even with a bunch of stuff in it, the bag still seemed shapeless. It also had a silver zipper on top, while all the other hardware was gold. That really bugged me. So back it went.
  9. I've only returned one bag in my lifetime. It was most recently and it was a honey Spy.
  10. A Gucci hobo in the Guccissima leather. I was disappointed in the leather; too stiff for me.
  11. Hmmm..recently, I returned the coach signature beaded tote with the brown trimming because I've had for a while and didn't use it at all...i figured that the money could go towards something more useful.
  12. I returned my Chanel drawstring bag because of the white interior, going to return my Cambon in beige/black, not loving it as much as the black/black.
  13. Returned a BV camel bag: too small, and a gunmetal Mulberry Roxanne: too heavy.
  14. uhmm..i returned a botkier bag once..just not my style..:Push:
  15. Just today I returned my new white Le-tal suhali for the le-epanoui GM in white, after much deliberation and help from a fellow member. I am very excited and finally at peace with my purchase. The le-tal was just too small and cumbersome to get thing in and out of, even though the bag didn't appear that small.