Have you ever returned a bag? which one?

Jan 16, 2006
hi there. i was wondering if any of you have ever returned a bag. what was it and what made you decide to return it?:sad:
let me start, i just returned a belem mm. i was so in love with this bag until i got one and realized it wasn't working for me. the bag is so hard to carry on my shoulder, too bulky .maybe, if it was made as a handbag just like the belem pm>too small for me.


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Yea, returned my LV Damier Ribera MM and got the Manhattan PM instead. It was smaller and better suited for my frame. I don't regret it at all. Best return I ever made!
I've returned an MJ Stella, an Ivory Paddington and a Kooba Sienna, all of which I'd bought online. I returned the Stella because it was just too big for me, the Paddy because I couldn't justify having a second one, and the Sienna because ultimately the color didn't look right with anything in my closet. I have no problems with returning any item I haven't used if it isn't working for me.
Sure I have- several. I usually know I don't "need" them or if they were impulse purchases if they're sitting in my closet with the tags on a month or two after I bought them. When that happens, back they go!
Yes! I returned a Panda pochette for a Cerises pochette b/c after seeing it IRL it reminded me of a child's bag. Also returned an amber ludlow for a bronze cles b/c I couldn't get used to the amber.
I returned a Paddington hobo bag I purchased from NM. I had not seen it in real life, but I was in love with the idea of getting a Paddington, and this was all I could find at the time.

When it arrived, I found it SO HUGE, and SO HEAVY, and SO SHAPELESS! I tried to fill it and see if it looked better, but first of all, I didn't have enough stuff I deemed worth carrying in a bag to fill the darn thing! And even with a bunch of stuff in it, the bag still seemed shapeless. It also had a silver zipper on top, while all the other hardware was gold. That really bugged me. So back it went.
Hmmm..recently, I returned the coach signature beaded tote with the brown trimming because I've had for a while and didn't use it at all...i figured that the money could go towards something more useful.
Just today I returned my new white Le-tal suhali for the le-epanoui GM in white, after much deliberation and help from a fellow member. I am very excited and finally at peace with my purchase. The le-tal was just too small and cumbersome to get thing in and out of, even though the bag didn't appear that small.