have you ever returned a bag and really regretted it later?

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Should I keep this awesome bag or return it?

  1. KEEP IT!


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  1. I love this bag -- and everyone seems to love it for me :smile: (thanks guys!) -- but i am really trying to be disciplined! trying to simplify my life!


    i get the strength to return this...
    and then i weaken and bring it home again...
    and then i'm DETERMINED to return it...
    but when i get to the store i can't part with it...

    SO... should i return this awesome, perfect bag?
    Or will i regret it down the road?
    Or will there always be ANOTHER must have, awesome bag...
    or will this be the one that got away?

    (PS. i have the military green one now -- not the brown... exchanged it!)


    PS. i wonder if there is an HBA group I could join... Handbag Buyers Anonymous ;)
  2. My 2 cents: if you have to ask, you know the answer. RETURN IT!
  3. My thought is if you've seen the bag and have it in your house for a few days and still unsure then return it. I try to only keep things that I absolutely love love love. I never regret returning any bags/clothes etc but I do have stuff in my wardrobe that I wish I had returned.
  4. ^ditto,
    if you have doubts about the bag return it. But ask yourself before you do, why do you love it? Is it the brand, the shape, the practical side, the color? etc.
    If you know this bag fits your everyday needs and it fits most of your outfits, I say get rid of the doubt and stop feeling guilty, it's your bag that YOU need. If you don't really need it, but just want it, your doubts are trying to make you see it is just a 'fling' ;)
  5. There needs to be! I could certainly join.

    Have I ever returned a bag and regretted it? No. Am I worried about doing that very thing right now? Yes. I have a bag that I do really like and I know if I return it, rebuying at that price might not be an option (I bought it on sale). I also know that that particular bag in that color can have issues and I have a good one.

    So, I know how you feel on wrestling with returning or not. I think I will return though because if I have to ask myself (and others) over and over again, than something isn't right. Unless your only reason for asking is financial, and only you can answer that as well.

    Haha. . .I am really good at telling others but I can't follow my own darn advice.
  6. If you are fighting with yourself over it and you just can not return it... Keep it for awhile.. Now if you do not use it and desire other bags before using it... Return it...
  7. I've never regreted returning a bag; I would've returned at least five more bags that I have now had the 30 day trial, not being outbidded, or $20 restocking fee plus shipping not been in the way.

    What exactly do you mean by simplifying your life? Your style? The number of bags that you have which take up too much space or consume too much money? If it's the number of bags that you have, I'd look at what similarities this bag has with any of the others in your collection- whether its shape, general design on the body, color, size, leather, etc. and if most of the these are already covered by other bags in your collection, then I'd say it's too similar anyway and return it.
  8. I kinda feel differently - if you returned it AND rebought it - that tells me you are loving this bag and I have a feeling you may regret not keeping it (and it does look fabulous on you!!).

    It depends on WHY you are considering returning it - is the issue with the bag itself, or is it more because you are trying to downsize your collection or whatever? If the issue isn't with the bag, but other reasons, I say keep it even more. But if it the bag itself that is causing you concern (color, fit, weight, too much like a bag you already own, etc), then keep it - at least for a while, and if you are still extremely undecided then let it go.

    I had that same issue with a Coach bag recently. I thought it was adorable, but I had some nagging doubts - but in this case it was the bag itself causing me doubts. I did end up returning it last week and got an MK that I am IN LOVE with and never regretted it for a second.

    With you I am hearing that you really do love the bag - do you?
  9. I would stop "trying." If you really want and choose to be disciplined and simplify your life, then you know what to do. Furthermore, I wouldn't buy any more bags with the excuse that I could always return it so that I don't end up in this tempting position again. Good luck! :biggrin:
  10. If you love it then keep it. If not, then return it. You know what you like to carry better than anyone.
    I actually have been filled with sadness over a bag I passed by a while back on annsfabulousfinds. It was a Gerard Darel bag and I really wish I had grabbed it when it was there because I have never seen another like it. :girlsigh:
  11. i would return it. and then move on. you'll find a better one later that you know you'll really love!
  12. Agreed. If you really loved it no way would you want to return.
  13. If you returned this bag, what other bag would you use in its place? And would you be fine with that one? If not, then you should definitely keep it.
  14. If your unsure about the bag itself...return it. If you LOVE the bag and will use it, but know you shouldnt spend the $ or have just bought a lot lately, I would say keep it if you can afford too and try to be good for a while after this!:P
  15. Love everything about it!!!
    size, shape, leather texture, color, duality, light interior EVERYTHING
    the bag itself is not the problem
    it was my commitment to getting rid of bags and not buy new ones (except an awesome camo/military bag)