Have you ever regretted selling a bag?

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  1. I have sold a Chanel, Gucci, Dior, LV, IF and an Andrea Bruckner saddle (to name a few) Everytime I think about it, I have terrible "Sellers Regret" - I lost money on every bag (even though I had used them a couple of times, they were like new) I'm still kicking myself for selling. Anyone else feel like this?
  2. Oh yes, I sold a Prada Cervo Antik Satchel, don't think i will ever get over that, trying hard to find another.
  3. Have sold nothing higher end, but recently (before many of the Tano threads) sold a Cobalt Jetsetter for $129 after paying $179- it was in brand new condition, the only one on ebay and just wouldn't sell for higher at the time...guess timing is everything :sad:
  4. Yes. I sold three Bbags a few months ago because I hadn't used them much, and really regret selling one of the three, an Origan City.
  5. Many, many times!
  6. oh yeah! My LV Cabas Piano!

  7. Yes a couple of times, especially when you lose money.
  8. Yes, my LV ceries for way too cheap.
  9. Yes, I wish I most of them back. But I guess my collection would be crazy out of control.
  10. So when you sell a bag you have used even once or twice - how do you NOT lose money - I can't bring myself to sell anymore because of that and the major ebay hassle of proving authenticity - I never buy bags for the purpose of selling so I don't always have the reciepts, cards etc. just a gorgeous, genuine bag in beautiful shape. Not enough it seems.
  11. I once sold a medium Chloe Paddington tan loaf bag, i regretted it so much i ended up buying another one exactly the same as the one i sold... then... i got tired of it and sold it again :lol:
  12. Oh, Yeah, I sure have, & imagine I'll continue to sell things & then regret it!
  13. I've felt some twinges on a couple, but then I remember the reason I'm selling them is to pay for one that (at the time anyway) I think is a much better bag. I sold one new with tags MJ that really killed me, but I kept reminding myself that I had NEVER used it so I must not have loved it too much.

    I usually only sell bags that I'm not getting the kind of use out of them I deserve and I always hope that the new owner will love them to pieces.
  14. Yes! Most of them! Esp. my MJ Sofia and this Coach emerald green satchel bag.
  15. Well, sort of. I gave a really nice Banana Republic messenger bag to Goodwill, and I still wish I hadn't. It was such a nice bag and I really miss it. I'm not sure why I gave it away like that.

    That will probably prevent me from selling any other nice bags!
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