Have you ever received fake products from eluxury?

This question is in reference to my post at: http://forum.purseblog.com/louis-vuitton/date-code-for-lv-mongram-with-zip-wallet-75751.html

Maybe I'm just being over-critical, but it's my first LV purchase ever and I don't know what to expect. All authentic LV products, no matter how small or big, comes with date codes right?

YES - you will find a datecode on your LV's!!!

Sorry, you are having so many issues trying to locate the datecode...it is there you just have to look in the crease of the wallet and you will find it!

Eluxury is the only site authorized by LV to sell authentic LV products. If you are still having problems after looking in the crease of the wallet - take it to the LV store and they will show you were the datecode is located...no worries about it being a fake if you purchased it from ELUX - this is the site you purchased it from, right - Designer Handbags, Clothes, Designer Shoes and Louis Vuitton at eLUXURY and not some other phony elux website...if so, you are fine!!!
I have never received anything fake from Eluxury. I think it would be extremely, extremely, extremely rare to receive something fake from them. You should post pics of what you got in the 'Authenticate this' thread to have people here authenticate it. Also, some date codes are really hard to find... Maybe since it's your first LV you are just having a hard time finding it?
Any purchases over the web when return to eLuxury are held in the receiving area for inspection to eliminate any fraudulant items being switch. If you are waiting for credit this is the reason it takes 2 weeks for eluxury to credit your account. I don't think it would be possible to send eLuxury a fake since they will not credit your account for the return if it was fraudulant.
If the bag or wallet was a superfake then how would Eluxury know, If SA's at LV have been tricked, what makes it so different that a person working for Eluxury wont realise the difference ?