Have you ever?? (random)

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  1. Have you ever misplaced a bag and turned your house upside down trying to find it only to stumble upon it later after you'd forgotten about it. what a treat. Its eike finding money

    I just found a leather crocodile cluch that I have been desperatley seeking for weeks and weeks...and weeks. I'd convinced myself that I must have returned it to the store without remembering.

    Well, I found it while cleaning :huh: (who knew) and i nearly wet my pants (just kidding)

    Very random post I know. Just wanted to share

    Feel free to post other random handbag related stories here so I won't feel alone:embarasse
  2. I'm more likely to leave some small thing in a bag when I put the bag away.
  3. Yeah, me too. I'll pull a bag out I haven't used in a few weeks and realize THAT's where that lip gloss was that I'd been searching frantically for a few days ago.
  4. i was low on cash last week ( i didnt wanna tap mac just yet ) . So when i was getting ready to go out last saturday . I went to the last clucth i used a couple of week ago , to see if i left anything in there when i went out and found 15 dollars ( i know not alot ) but I jumped 4 joy . more money for me to add for my partying :smile:
  5. I've never done that with a purse, I don't have that many (yet) but it seems like I do it every season with shoes (my real weakness) I was switching out my summer to fall shoes and re-discovered 2 pairs of boots!!! I do it most summers as I must have those strappy sandles in every color and height!
  6. YES!!! Just recently too! I found cute Gucci shades (I have totally forgotten about!), Coach bags (LOL I didn't know I bought two black bags of the same style...weird), and a Louis Vuitton Danube (I thought I gave it away?...weird...). But out of those I love finding the Gucci shades. I somewhat changed, it didn't look good on me then. But now they're my fav!
  7. Are u wearing those in ur avi pic ?
  8. Yup! The same exact ones! :biggrin: I love finding stuff in my closet. I also found the cutest Burberry top too!!! All in my closet! :lol: LOL Some days I would just buy stuff and shove it in my closet...then forget about it. :wacko:

    If I were a neat freak then it would probably won't be any fun. LOL ;)