Have you ever put up a sign for a lost dog or other pet?

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  1. My friend's dog ran away and we spent the evening putting signs up everywhere in hopes to get her dog back.

    Have you ever put up a sign for a lost dog or other pet? Did it help?
  2. yeah, i did. don't know if it necessarily helped, but it was certainly comforting to know that my dogs picture was out there, so nobody decided to adopt her if she came to visit them.
  3. I did, once, when our kitty ran off in La Jolla. I did get a couple of phone calls but basically she found herself. I agree with Kallison, it is emotionally helpful if nothing else.
  4. No signs.... but I wanted to mention that you should definitely notify the shelters in the area that the dog has been lost so they can keep an eye out for you.

    Good luck in finding the dog, hope he finds his way home soon!
  5. yes and it's what got my dog back.
  6. I put up signs everywhere when I found two dogs. Your friend should check daily with your animal shelter, read the lost and found section of your paper, post a lost notice on www.petfinders.com and list her lost dog on www.craigslist.com. Good luck to your friend. My heart goes out to her.
  7. When I found a cat w/ a collar but no tag I put up signs everywhere including the supermarkets and library and called the shelters. It didn't help, but I was able to find her a home anyway.
  8. Yes I did it twice - with success!

    It's important to list a reward, and a good description of the dog with a picture. Mention how much he is missed by his family and their children.

    With a lost dog, it's important to use ALL the channels: flyers, radio adverts, shelters, word of mouth, vets, internet, etc. etc. etc.

    The reward is a BIG motivator, believe you me!
  9. Twice! And both times it worked!

    The first time our cat, Dixie, disappeared. We called it into the local radio station and even put an ad in the paper. I was shocked when someone 45 miles away called us to say they had her! She apparently must have ridden into town underneath my car and jumped off when I stopped because the lady who lives in the house right by the stop sign found her and gave her to someone who gave her to someone else. We got her back and she lived with us until she died.

    Second time, another cat also rode into town. This one made it all the way to where I work at a college. Posted signs, called into the radio and I got a call from a college student who had found her and taken her home to his parents -- 200 miles away!
  10. Has your friend had any success in finding her missing dog yet? My fingers are crossed. This is very sad.
  11. Yep it helped me out. I lost my super tiny doxie and thought why would anyone return her she will love anyone. So I lied on the poster just in case and said that she needed her meds.

    Someone called after i posted the forst sign and was putting up a second one a block away. They were super nice and knew she was loved bc she had her toenails painted! :smile:

    Good LucK!
  12. Aaaah, a lovely person saved your baby! There are good samaritans out there!

  13. I think after a week someone would gladly give her back! She would drive anyone crazy with her needy annoying ways! lol