Have you ever purchased from someone with ZERO feedback?

  1. Hello, Everyone!!

    Wanting to know if anyone here has made a handbag purchase from someone with zero feedback - and if so, how did it go? I would like to make a purchase on Buy it Now, and am waiting to hear back from the seller with more pics so that I can hopefully authenticate...

    The fact that she has zero feedback does make me a little leery...anyone have a positive experience on purchase despite the zero feedback of the seller?
  2. Okay, so I figured I would de-lurk to answer your post. I purchased my first designer bag from a 0 feedback seller on eBay. The pictures on the auction sucked but she was willing to take additional ones at my request, and they looked legit. Bag shipped out and it was gorgeous and authentic. So yes, I had a very good experience with a newbie! :smile:
  3. I have purchased from a zero feedback seller before and had a great experience. I had the item authenticated first and then I bought the item. Seller was wonderful, great communication. I too can be iffy about buying from a newbie but I try to remind myself that we all have to start somewhere. HTH OP :smile:
  4. yes i have and it turned out just fine! :tup: not a single problem. we all have to start out with zero! i remember how certain sellers - with EXACTLY what i wanted! - would not sell to me because i zero feedback and they wanted a certain number. when i finally found a seller that did not mind i was so grateful.
  5. yes,I have & the seller was most appreciative that I was willing to buy from her..

    to this day we still keep in touch with each other & I still find things from

    her every now & then...she was so appreciative & still is even with her

    100% positive seller feedback today...
  6. I have purchased items before from eBay sellers with 0 feedback and also sellers with very low feedback (less then 10) and have never had a single issue. In my ten years on eBay, I have only had a handful of issues and all have come from well established sellers.
  7. I just bought a pair of louboutins a while back from a zero feedback seller, they were amazing, i have another pair en route from a newbie too but im a bit concerned that she has sent them with no delivery or signature confirmation, hopefully nothing is wrong with them, i will however be sending her a follow up warning that she could be scammed in the future
  8. I bought two pairs of Louboutins from 2 different zero feedback sellers a while ago and both turned out fine; both were lovely people to deal with. I got them authenticated on TPF before I bid, of course. ;)
  9. I've bought from zero feedback sellers before with no problems. I usually find that they are wonderful to deal with.

    I've noticed there's been a rise in zero feedback sellers recently, something I attribute to more and more people looking to sell their things for the first time to finance new purchases. What with the economy and all, I suppose it makes sense.
  10. Totally agree with loveshopping, all sellers start with 0 feedback. However it is true that I am usually reluctant to buy from 0 feedback sellers. Only bought once from a 0-feedback, because there are only a few listings for the item i was looking for and everyone is a 0-feedback. The experience turned out very well. I think I would buy again from a 0-feedbak, but given a choice, i probalby will play safe and go with someone with lots of good feedback.
  11. I've bid on and won items from 0 feedback sellers before with no issues. I figure that everyone has to start somewhere. You're doing the right thing by asking for better pics so you can get the bag authenticated before purchasing. Plus if anything goes wrong, PayPal and eBay are usually going to side with the buyer...you are protected if something goes awry ( like if the seller sends a fake instead of the bag she showed pics of, etc).
  12. I also figure that we all have to start somewhere. I would carefully buy from a zero feedback seller.
  13. OH CRAP!!
    In my hesitation, I missed the boat!!
    Someone else bought the bag instead! :crybaby:
    Now I'll be thinking about the bag and obsessing over my loss...

    Thanks, everyone, for their insight - much appreciated!
  14. I have, but I would not risk more than a couple hundred bucks. The good thing about buying fro a zero feedback is that everyone else is just as leery, so sometimes you get a great deal.
  15. I Bought my best Deals with 0 Feedback sellers.
    Great items & Great prices.