Have you ever purchased a CHANEL handbag with straight cash?...

  1. I was just wondering. Most of my purchases are made with my debit card.

    Well, the last time I tried to make a purchase (Gucci store) my card was put on hold because my bank was concerned that someone else took my card and tried to use it. (It's been a while since I made numerous purchases). Well I had to call the bank and tell them that it was indeed me using the card.

    I just dont want to go through that again, anywhoo...that was Gucci, this is Chanel.

    Currently I have only did phone orders for my purchases, and I think I want to have the whole "live boutique experience" lol

    Will they except cash? It will be in hundreds, not twenties.

    I feel silly for asking, but have any of you paid cash for a handbag? Should I bring a bodyguard with me? (joke)

    oh, its not a $2-3k bag, its more like $1500
  2. I have not presonally, but I live in San Diego and we have a lot of rich families from Mexico that come to San Diego to shop and I have watched a lot of them pay cash for their purchases (at LV, Gucci, Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc.)
  3. I have paid cash for bags several times... yes they take the money with open arms.....When I bought my red jumbo- I used $2k cash and the balance I wrote a check.. I had to go into the store and pay and they sent the bag to me- it was a big mix up...
    My pink medallion tote I paid 1500 cash when I bought it- thats how much they were then....

    I usally just bring all one hundreds which makes it easier to count.....
  4. I have paid cash for a bag in Chanel- it felt a bit weird though as it took them ages to count it! that was for a cambon bowler and it was around $1500/£750
  5. Yes, they will definitely take straight cash. I don't know if they'd mark the bills to see if they're counterfeit or not--but I've had this happen when I use anything bigger than a 20 at a place like the grocery store.
  6. so is writing a check much better? i guess it would feel very weird walking into the store with a full sized wallet and then leaving with little money!! LOL
  7. I have, but not often just b/c carrying around that amount in cash kind of weirds me out a bit. They do welcome it though. You won't have any problems.
  8. I paid cash before, But I mostly write a check or use a card. You should go to the Chanel in Chevy Chase, Manuel is a great SA.
  9. By the way, which bag are you planning to purchase?

  10. Its either or for me.... sometimes if I have written alot checks to pay bills, I don't want to risk the miscalculation of my checkbook-===== KWIM
    It doesnt bother me leaving with less money- I got a nice present on the exchange..
    when my BF buys me ( well ex) he usually pays cash as well...
    I never had anyone mark the bills to check for counterfeit at stores like Neimans,Saks or chanel...
    but damn in 7-11 and those conveinance stores dont MARK each and EVERY bill... burns me up...lol
  11. Yes. It's not a problem

  12. hmm, I really dont know yet. Was looking at the jersey flap that I heard comes in silver.

  13. I was thinking of going there. and thanks for the recommendation!!
  14. Never done it but I look at it this way: First, my bag is the most valuable thing I'm carrying (from a pure value perspective. I would be even more upset about getting the credit cards shut off quickly, replacing IDs and all that stuff). Please! Take my cash but let me keep the bag! :wtf: Second, I figure that I'm much more likely to attract experienced thieves once I'm carrying around that nice Chanel bag containing my (now cash-poor :smile:) wallet than I am if I stuck to cheap bags and carry around thousands in cash. I'm more careful about how I dress and what bags I carry than I am about how much cash I'm carrying when it comes to concerns about theft. I exercise my street smarts and make sure that my clothes and accessories don't make me an attractive "mark", more likely to be carrying a big fat wallet than the person with the messy hair, faded sweatpants and the dirty, 20-year-old Clinique gift-with-purchase totebag.

    Not that I advocate carrying around large quantities of cash (which I don't, not because of theft concerns but because I spend it so fast!) but I don't spend a lot of time sweating over it when I do. The people who really shouldn't carry around a lot of cash are the ones who end up clutching their bags tightly to their chests and looking fearfully at everyone around them in ways that scream, "I've got stuff worth stealing in my bag and I'm scared!" Easy mark.

    BTW, you could just call your bank and find out how to stop those freezes. I threatened to shut off one of my credit cards because every time I tried to buy something over $500, they would decline it to "protect me" and it was torture to get my identity verified and get the charge through. It would take at least 15 minutes to reach an actual person at the credit card company. It's humiliating to have a card declined in public and I don't deserve that since I pay most cards to zero balance well before the due dates. I would MUCH prefer that they send a "check ID to verify" message to the sales associate over an abrupt "CHARGE DECLINED" message with no further instructions on what to do about it. I don't need for them to "protect me" from myself. If they really want to protect everyone efficiently, they can just require that the store check ID for every purchase over a certain dollar amount and be done with it. The reason I got credit cards is to protect MYSELF from having to carry around a bunch of cash at all times and I shouldn't have to go back to carrying a Chanel bag's worth of cash just in case my card issuer decides to "protect me". I told them that the next time the card was declined to "protect me" without some way to directly connect to someone who could override the protection, I was canceling the card and my husband would be canceling his, as well. It hasn't happened to me since. Once, the SA got some message to call the card issuer. They asked her to verify my ID, approved the purchase and that's just fine with me!

  15. Its in the Saks store... forgot to mention it in my last post..sorry.