Have you ever purchase your bag at et-trade?

  1. Hi, I heard a lot of people bought there bags at et-trade. I was wondering if they are trust worthy because it's at Hong Kong. And I'm paying them by money order. If you have purchase from et-trade, please tell me it was wroth it. It's kind a stupid question,but I don't get how to order it. Sorry!! And do they only sell louis vuitton or other brand??? Sorry.

  2. It's Let-Trade and I believe they are trustworthy. Good luck!
  3. I just got my Vernis Houston Beige from LT - a bag in mint condition (I don't even think it was used at all) at a fraction of the cost. I can not tell enough good things about them ! All I know is that they won me over and I'll be back for more.
    LT if you are reading this - thanks so much you are the best !:yahoo:
  4. I've purchased 2 bags from them, and they have yet to let me down. :yes:
  5. I've purchased from them too. They are awesome! =)
  6. I purchased a new bag from them below retail. I paid immediately via Paypal, received tracking # from HK and a few days later it arrived. Email communications was constant, too. I'd buy again definitely.
  7. Hi, I am from Canada & I just bought a vernis framboise houston from Let-trade in mint condition! It's like brand new except for a little bit of patina. I pay for the bag with paypal on Sunday (Dec 17) & let-trade mails the bag out on Monday (Dec 18). I received the bag on Dec 23, which is a Saturday. I thought I won't be receiving my bag until after x'mas :crybaby: :crybaby: ..but I was pleasantly surprised!!!!! :nuts: I don't have to pay for customs/duties at all. :wlae: :wlae: Plus, let-trade packages my bag soooooooo well! He uses so much packaging materials that once I take all the packaging materials out; I can't stuff them all back into the box (even without my bag in there):roflmfao: :roflmfao: As you can see, I have a great experience with Let-trade & I will definitely buy from him again.

    Let-trade: If you are reading this, I would like to say Thank you....too bad I order the bag through your website or else I would leave you a great feedback on eBay! :yes:
  8. I heard alot of good things about let-trade i believe they're trustworthy!
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  13. haha....:roflmfao: . by the way, let-trade is very reliable and no worries abt paying them through money order as i bought my bag through wire transfer as well. they are one of the best LV reseller.
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  15. i have yet to purchase something from let-trade, but i definitely would!!