Have you ever pre-ordered Loubies online?

  1. yes
  2. I'm sure if you did a "live chat" online they can give you an answer.:idea:
  3. Hi I pre-ordered my Burlina 120's in Rouge from Saks last year and they didn't charge me until my item shipped. When I pre-ordered it gave an estimated dispatch date but they ended being sent about a month before this. Saks emailed me to let me know when they were dispatched. All in all very pleased with the service just annoying waiting for the shoes lol
  4. Thanks everyone :smile:

    @Nani, I'm afraid if I did a live chat, I wouldn't get off...
  5. I preordered the nude glitter no prive. Have not heard from nm since. However when I check online, the same shoe now shows in stock. Hope they will ship to me soon!
  6. when I've preordered in the past, they were shipped way before I expected. And they charge when they ship.