Have you ever owned more than 1 thing of the same style?

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  1. Have you ever owned more than 1 thing of the same style item but in different colors, materials, etc...?

    For me, I am very indecisive about a wallet I really want. I already own the monogram (since just this week) and now I also want to get it in Mandarin? Do you think that is crazy? It's a bit wasteful of money huh?

  2. nope, not at all! Many TPFers have small ring agenda in different lines or even same line but different color, the same also goes for the timeless speedy. :smile:
  3. i have 3 speedys- mono, myrtille epi and damier. i also have 2 cles- groom and damier. i like a lot of them but i only use the groom right now and do think it would be silly for me to have any more at this point.

    what about getting another style wallet?

    i have a zippy groom which i adore but it's huge and really too big for my smaller bags. i would LOVE to have a smaller wallet for when i take my smaller bags out. if only i could find a reasonable one- because the one i have is so spency i can't see spending almost that much on a second one.
  4. sure -
    I have three vernis houstons
    4 petit noes
    4 pouchette accesories
    2 lexingtons
    3 reade pm
    3 pti
    3 french wallets
    3 billfold wallet

    and I still need more:graucho:
  5. omg lisa! i want to go through your closet! 3 pti? awesome!
  6. :wtf: I :heart: vernis houstons! Lisasbags, did u ever post your collection in this forum?? I am :drool: just by reading your list!
  7. 3 speedys
    6 cles'
    5 noelies
    2 josephine gms
    2 josephine pms
    4 round coin purses
    2 pouchette accesories
    2 scoufflouts
    3 mono shawls

    and yes....i need more too
  8. I need to do a "family portrait".
    when I get back from holiday traveling, I'll be sure to do that.
  9. You can see a lot of these types of collections in the "Multiples Club". I always like to see when people have lots of one style. I have 3 speedies and 2 wapitys in multiples. btw, nice collection, lisasbags! Let's see some pics for sure after your travels!
  10. I have my suhali "twins" with me now ..I'll start with those :yes:
    What section should I put them in?
  11. I have 2 speedies, and more on the way. So it's alright!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Lol..just check the "multiples" thread and you'll see which things I have, as well as other members' multiples!
    I have 4 PTI wallets, 5 Speedies (soon to be 6), 11 pochettes etc.
    Here's the thread:

    My pictures are a bit outdated since I added the Damier Azur pochette and the Groom cles.
  13. The only multiple I have is two pochette accessoires.. I believe that you can never have enough pochettes or cles. :yes:
  14. I have 3 Speedys (mono, epi and azur) and 2 bandeaus (black MC and mono/leopard)!!
  15. I have:

    6 speedy's (and just ordered another 1) .....Neo, Damier 30, Damier Azur 30, Mono 30, MC 30 (white), Mini Lin 30.......and will be getting Epi 30 (black) on Wed.

    2 pochettes
    2 agendas
    3 wallets
    So my answer is YES!! :yahoo: