Have you ever owned more than 1 thing of the same style?

Have you ever owned more than 1 thing of the same style item but in different colors, materials, etc...?

For me, I am very indecisive about a wallet I really want. I already own the monogram (since just this week) and now I also want to get it in Mandarin? Do you think that is crazy? It's a bit wasteful of money huh?

i have 3 speedys- mono, myrtille epi and damier. i also have 2 cles- groom and damier. i like a lot of them but i only use the groom right now and do think it would be silly for me to have any more at this point.

what about getting another style wallet?

i have a zippy groom which i adore but it's huge and really too big for my smaller bags. i would LOVE to have a smaller wallet for when i take my smaller bags out. if only i could find a reasonable one- because the one i have is so spency i can't see spending almost that much on a second one.
You can see a lot of these types of collections in the "Multiples Club". I always like to see when people have lots of one style. I have 3 speedies and 2 wapitys in multiples. btw, nice collection, lisasbags! Let's see some pics for sure after your travels!
I have:

6 speedy's (and just ordered another 1) .....Neo, Damier 30, Damier Azur 30, Mono 30, MC 30 (white), Mini Lin 30.......and will be getting Epi 30 (black) on Wed.

2 pochettes
2 agendas
3 wallets
So my answer is YES!! :yahoo: