Have you ever owned a fake bag?

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Dec 5, 2005
My mom just recently bought a fake LV speedy 30. I compared it with my real one and it is the exact same replica! The feel of the leather was different of course and the smell was different. But other than that it looked exactly the same. I felt robbed somehow. I couldn't tell my mom how much my bag cost because she'll be pissed off. (I can't barely pay for nursing school as it is)
I've never owned a fake bag before so I used it to go to the mall just to try it. Within 10 minutes, I rushed back to my house and switched bags pronto! I don't know, it just didn't feel right.
Have you ever owned a fake bag before?
Yup. I owned a bunch of fake kate spades cause I didn't know they were fake. I didn't know anything about bags back then. I didn't know who kate spade was or what Prada made and such. I googled it one day and it was the worst feeling ever. They're all gone now.
Nope..never ever. It feels wrong and I feel like I'm disrepecting the designer and myself by carrying one. I don't disrespect people who choose to carry fake bags or can't afford them. To each their own but personally I wouldn't subject myself to the feelings of insecurity that would plague me. I figure that if I'm going to spend $ on a fake bag, why not save up a little longer and just purchase the real thing?
I did a long. time. ago.
There's this street in Houston called Harwin and there were fakes EVERYWHERE!
I had about 5 differnet fake KS's and always felt a little weird carrying them. I sold them in a garage sale about 6 yrs ago for $5 each and have never carried a fake since!
i have one. it's a little LV flap bag. i bought it in the beginning of high school on a trip to new york with a bunch of friends. i didn't have or desire to have designer bags at that point, and it just seemed like a cute touristy thing to do on canal street. i didn't know the whole story behind fakes or what a problem it was. i never felt comfortable enough to carry it, though, because it still seemed vaguely tacky. it went out once, maybe twice. i still have it because it's such a wonderful reminder of a great trip and a great time in my life, even though i'm kind of ashamed to have not gotten rid of it.
I have never owned a fake. I have looked at fakes for sale at a time when I didn't know any better, and even then thought the quality was too garbagey for me.

Check back on that "identical" speedy 30 in about a year and see how it's holding up compared to the real one.
Yes. I have a couple fake LVs in my closet. One I bought on Canal Street a long time ago before I knew the difference between authentic and the crap they sell on Canal Street. The others were birthday and christmas gifts from my aunt over the past couple years. She is well aware of my bag obsession and claims they are authentic but I know better. So they sit in my closet because I don't want to insult her by getting rid of them. Every now and then I will have to use one at a family function since she always asks me how I like the bag she got me. When that happens I keep my backup purse in the car and swich out of the fake as soon as I am on my way home :smile:
I had a bag that was a knockoff of kate spade that I bought from a guy on the street. But at the time I wasn't familiar with designer bags, and just thought it was a cute cheap bag. It didn't have a ks label or anything, just was the same design as her first fabric satchels. It was cute too, a red & white gingham!
i had one that my aunt brought back from florence. it was cute but just didn't feel right - the leather wasn't very nice and even though it looked the same as my friend's real on there was something wrong with it....

better to hold out for the real thing...

I used to only wear Coach (only authentic) and had a couple of fake LV. I wasn't into LV, didn't know/didn't care about it...then I got active on LJ and started seeing the quality difference and learned more about LV and the real deal behind fakes, and immediately trashed all the fakes and from then on I've been adamant against fakes.
i used to have Fake Dior Double Saddle in Ostrich Leather back in 2000/2001 .. me too i didint have any idea back then about fake and real bags..i thought they'r very Old designs and thats why they were sold cheap =D
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