have you ever noticed...

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  1. ... that you own multiple non-related things that are the same color?

    it's no wonder that i fell in love with pomme d'amour because it is the same color of my car. lol i just noticed it. here's a pic of my cles on the hood of my car that i just snapped. lol

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  2. Wow LOL

    if the cles didn't have the LV brand tag, it would totally blend in with your car.
  3. That's such a perfect match of color! It's such a beautiful photo it looks like an ad!
  4. The more I look at the picture, the more it makes me laugh. I think the metallic paint on the car blends in perfectly with the patent leather. It probably would look even more similar if my car was clean. lol
  5. OMG! beautifuil color! i want a pomme de amour soo bad!
  6. Beautiful LellieBunny! That is too funny. No I've never had anything match, but if I could I would like Borneo Green paint for my walls. lol
  7. Very Cute! Love the pic! :smile:
  8. Wow lol
    I really wants some Pomme pieces in my life right now, but still have no idea about what to get!!
  9. My husband and I always joke that our dogs our Louis Vuitton colored. I started buying LV after we had our first Welsh Terrier and my dh says that I love LV so much because of our two Welshies.
  10. Cute pic!
  11. I love Pomme! My ZCP matches one of my MAC nail polishes lol. Red is totally my favorite color. =]
  12. Perfect! You should get a pomme bag too! :graucho:

    I have an eyeshadow that totally matches my Bleu Nuit Alma! Would love a lipstick that matches Pomme too!
  13. Lelliebunny, that's so cool that your clés is such a good match for your car!

    My car is a metallic cyan blue colour, and I'd love to find some LV goodies in that exact shade, but I haven't seen anything yet!
  14. Get paint color matched. :smile:. I had to do that to get my trim the same shade of white as my window treatments. ;)
  15. so, i went to get a manicure today and saw a color that caught my eye. i'm not typically a fan of green nail polish, but i really was feeling it today. i only took my mini pochette delightful with me and chuckled to myself that i was going to match my mon mono neverfull. when i got home, it was actually almost a perfect match to my neverfull. lol i guess it is fitting because i'm going out of state to see my family this weekend, and it will be my first trip with my mon mono bag (they've seen pictures of it). so, here's a pic for all of you! lol. i guess it should be immortalized because i don't foresee myself having green nails again.