Have you ever noticed that LV SAs treat you differently...


Sep 9, 2006
when they think you are a serious buyer vs. not?

When I went into the boutique at Saks to buy my black MC Speedy 30, I was ignored for about ten minutes initially. I am young and look it and was carrying a Coach bag at the time so I'm guessing they thought I was just browsing. :confused1: Finally I go up to an SA who I can clearly see is free and stand in front of her until she looks up and smiles brightly at me. "Yes."

"Hi, I actually just came in to pick up the black Monogram Multicolore Speedy 30," I say.

She got this hilariously shocked look on her face for about three seconds. I think it was from my recitation of the exact name of the bag. Then she stuttered something about how she had thought I was being helped (yeah, OK) and immediately went to get me the bag. I got white-glove service from then on.

It was pretty funny. But kind of sad. Why not be friendly and helpful to ALL customers, not just the ones you now know have come in seriously looking to buy a $2,000 bag? :rolleyes:

My Mom has a friend who looks like ascary biker. During the 89 earthquake he lost his home, and he decided to splurge and get himself a nice snazzy sports car and try apartment living for awhile. :graucho: Ferrari is what I think he wound up with. Anyhows, he went into the local dealership in Los Gatos, and the more senior car sellers snubbed him and sent the new kid over to "help" him. So imagine their suprise when he said, "I want that one." And paid cash. :P
Honestly, the boutique that I frequent gives me great service no matter if I am in jeans or dressed up...however, they all know me there so that could be a reason that I don't get snubbed.

There is NEVER an excuse to treat a client poorly, no matter what he/she is wearing.
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i had the best experience in saks in beverly hills. the SAs there would wait on me hand and foot (literally, i was trying on shoes!) they didnt really care that i was 14, and that the shoes were $575. (i didnt end up getting them though..)
that still puzzles me today....even if i was a very kind SA, I would still be a little reluctant to helping a little girl.

they may have realized that i meant business when they saw my denim mini pleaty....but still..
Sad but true:yes: , I guess thats the society we live in...we judge people by the way they look:shrugs: . We are turning into a materialistic society....look whos talking ha ha ha!!! I want more LV!:love:
Its weird though bc the in the area that I live and shop in, young girls/women have TONS of $$ so I think that is also a reason that all SAs I encounter (not just LV) treat them seriously bc they are just as likely to make a huge purchase as someone much older.
no, i wasn't snubbed but they treat potential buyers better than those who need assistance. when i am to buy, they even gave complimentary drinks. when i came back to return a defective wallet, they made me wait for 45 mins! the SA's know me. believe me, they would treat you differently. it depends on the purpose why you're there.
I think it really comes down to how snobby the sales person is to begin with, and their paycheck. Most people don't want to spend endless amounts of time showing a potential customer things only to have them walk away, and it's worse if they're on commission. The person that came in behind you may well buy a lot, and that's their income. I'm not justifying a crappy attitude by any means, but a lot of the time their regular customers DO tend to look a certain way. I've noticed that the average Cartier and Hermes customer is more dressed up than those in LV, and they're more turned out than those in Coach.

Sad but true:yes: , I guess thats the society we live in...we judge people by the way they look:shrugs: . We are turning into a materialistic society....look whos talking ha ha ha!!! I want more LV!:love:
It depends on if it is a store I frequent a ton, what city I am in, and what I am wearing. I don't think it is right not to get proper treatment but it happens on outward appearance. Usually then I get help from someone who seems young/new/ and smiled at me- I ignore the people who ignore me.
I usually get treated well when I go to the LV stores in SF, but I have been treated poorly at the Betsey Johnson boutique. I went in with my friend, and the SAs gave us the snottiest looks, yet greeted the other customers. We're both in our thirties, but dressed down, many people think we are younger. We were shocked because, quite honestly, Betsey Johnson isn't exactly high end, and we had just come from the Marc Jacobs store where the staff was friendly and helpful. Who knows why they treated us differently at Betsey Johnson; too bad, because I was going to buy something until they gave us attitude.
I really never have. Even when I go into boutiques if I'm traveling (not very far, just up to Beverly Center, SCP or Rodeo Drive), I feel like I'm treated very well. I don't dress up, either..just jeans and a Primp jacket or something.
I have yet to be inside a LV (as a LV lover). The only time I went into LV was when I knew nothing of LV or fashion. I barged in there and started picking up bags and touching them and basically was shooed away haha. I've told this story before but NOW I know LV but I wonder how I would be treated.... I'll find out in SF after x-mas ;)
From what i know LV Sas do not get commission on the sales, but the majorty of them are very snorty, just because they work in a high end store they acted like they are better than all the customers. I just don't understand their attitude. I like the SA at San Francisco store better, very friendly.