Have you ever not bought a bag....

  1. because of the smell? I found this great bronze hobo by some random Italian designer at Marshalls yesterday, but it smelled more strongly of fish than any bag I've ever come across! My sister brought me a bag back from Venice once, and it had that slight fishy odor to it that some (especially random Italian bags, in my experience) bags do, but it was nothing compared to this. I really loved the look and the feel, but the smell was just incredibly awful. I couldn't even hold it for more than 30 seconds at a time! Ugh! Has this ever happened to anyone else?
  2. I absolutely have not bought or kept a bag because of the smell! No matter what the bag is like, if it smells bad to me I cannot deal with it. There have been times I tried to get the smell out to no avail, and then the bag had to go.
  3. omg, i had the same thing happen to me.It was a really cute stylish bag by rampage gold colored with zippers down the front. it was tj maxx. i opened it and the odor blew me away. i said to my daughter " this bag smells like fish" then i made her smell it, and left it right there.
  4. I once got rid of a bag because it smelled so strongly I couldn't bear to be with it in the car. Since then, I sniff 'em in the store! People can think I'm strange if they like, but I have to live with my purchases. I've not bought bags I found stinky.
  5. Yep, if it smells bad, I don't care how awesome it looks. The best bags look AND smell great (new).
  6. If it was an amazing deal, I would probably buy it, clean it and then air it out for awhile.

    My mom gave me a Coach legacy tote that has a funky lotion smell and I still use it. It makes all my stuff smell like suede and lanolin :throwup: