Have you ever met anyone famous?

Lmao they always try to make actors appear taller and lie about their height! I missed out on meeting Tom Cruise due to an eye infection, but my friend met him and got put in photos with him. He doesn't look too short next to her at all. She's 5 feet tall.
If anyone mentions they've met actors IRL my first question is "are they short?" LOL :lol: So many are not as tall as they seem. They can appear "tall" on screen because if many are around similar height, it's easy for your brain to interpret their height as being taller, or they use risers and "elevator shoes" to alter their height and how they appear on screen. Michael J. Fox is known for famously saying "When you’re a short actor you stand on apple boxes, you walk on a ramp. When you’re a short star everybody else walks in a ditch."

I met the actor Rob Reiner IRL boarding a Southwest airlines flight (really!) from OAK to LAX about 10 years ago. He was directly in front of me in the boarding line and I wouldn't have recognized him at all except through his distinctive voice. He was puzzled about the boarding process (A, B, C) and I peeked over his shoulder to look at his printed boarding pass, and we talked about how it worked.

First of all, I'm 5'7" and I was able to look *over his shoulder* - first clue he's really NOT 6'2" as a Google search pulls up. Second, when he turned around to talk with me, we were about eye-to-eye. Don't believe everything you read on the Internet! :lol:
Lmao they always try to make actors appear taller and lie about their height! I missed out on meeting Tom Cruise due to an eye infection, but my friend met him and got put in photos with him. He doesn't look too short next to her at all. She's 5 feet tall.
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Jan 12, 2006
Ohhh Angie Harmon! I use to love love her look. Is she still gorgeous as ever?
Wow that’s from ‘06! I honestly can’t remember now lol
I assume do, I’ve always thought she’s so pretty!

I still only know mostly pro athletes, I’m not a sports fan so DH has to mention it typically lol
A couple we see often and kind of know and talk to is Demarcus Ware and Jason Witten.


Feb 27, 2007
I lived in Hollywood for a decade, so I met a lot of celebrities through working in entertainment and out and about. Funniest was Danny Bonaduce wanting to touch my baby-belly in an elevator (in a sweet and not creepy way). I met Drew Barrymore at the Betsey Johnson boutique in the Beverly Center and she was a doll - I ended up handing her clothes in the dressing room like BFFs. John Taylor from Duran Duran in a bookstore (he is gorgeous) - he was holding a book and I told him it was a great read and we chatted. Jerry Seinfeld at a red light pretending to want to drag race with me when the light turned green. Lots and lots of musicians at the Whiskey, the Roxy and Troubador. Hilarious tale of seeing Weird Al every Sunday at the same Poquito Mas restaurant on Sunset Blvd for 3 weeks in a row - I asked him if he was stalking me and he busted up laughing because he recognized us as well. The person who sticks out as the biggest a**hole is Whoopi Goldberg who told all the staff at the company I worked at to not look at her or talk to her - No problem, your highness. So many, many more.

Oof, remembered Kurt Cobain backstage after a Nirvana show in 1992 and the Beastie Boys at a party in Sydney in 1994 :heart:


Feb 10, 2010
Seth Rogan and I were waiting to cross the street in the Upper East side in NYC. He saw I took a double take at him then introduced himself. Super nice. I met Nick Cannon, Heidi Klum, and Howard Stern while on the red carpet for AGT in Newark. Got a high five from Stern and an autograph from Cannon. Heidi took a picture with my niece.

Also met Christine Taylor in line at a coffee shop in Kauai. She was very nice. Another time we saw Drew Brees sitting at a bar in Kauai. My husband started up conversation with him. These were both at local spots, not the touristy ones.


Markgraf von Baden-Baden
Dec 28, 2014
gosh I used to work at a restaurant where tons of famous people would come in all the time - Gladstone's 4 Fish in Malibu/Pacific Palisades. Here is a list of all the people I can remember, most you will have heard of, I will put a reference for ones you might not know:

Drew Barrymore - super cool, showed me ALL her tats in the bathroom
Courteney Cox
Neve Campbell
Paul Newman
Dr. Dre
Forest Whittaker
Arsenio Hall
Joe Mantegna - Godfather
Montell Jordan
Mary J. Blige
Joe Montana - Football player
Warren G. - rapper
Danielle Fisher - Boy Meets World
Mark-Paul Gosselaar - Zack from Saved by The Bell - went to high school w/him
Mario Lopez - Saved by The Bell
Elisa Donovan - Clueless
Justin Walker - Clueless - BFF dated him
Nicole Kidman - made her a Vanilla Ice Blended (when I worked at Coffee Bean)
Davey Jones - 60's band The Monkees
Joe Don Rooney - guitarist from Rascal Flatts
George Stults - dated Mary in 7th Heaven, brother plays Lucy's DH
Jenny McCarthy - funniest girl I have ever met
Kennedy - MTV VJ
Amanda Bynes - TV show, what I like about you
Heather Locklear - I worked as an extra on Melrose Place
Jack Wagner - melrose
Andrew Shue - melrose
Courtney Thorne Smith - melrose, according to jim
Sir Anthony Hopkins - coolest man on the planet!!
Nick Van Exel - basketball player
Valerie Bertinelli - 80's show One Day at a Time
Jason Wiles - BH 90210 (played Kelly's BF Colin)
Joey Lawrence - Blossom tv show - wooh!
Ryan McPartlin - played the boyfriend on Living With Fran - lives across the street from me
Eric Bruskotter - played Big John (the farter) in movie Can't buy me love - lives same city
Tracey Gold - Growing Pains - her kids go to school w/ mine

Joshua Morrow - plays Nick Newman on Young and The Restless - dated him briefly
Steve Burton - plays Jason Morgan on General Hospital (made out w/him on VDay in 93)

I know there are tons more but I'm drawing a blank!
A nice list! :smile:


Dec 30, 2017
Bruce Springsteen, he was shopping with his two boys at Toys-r-Us. They were checking out Pokemon stuff. I was with my little girl. I said hi, he said hi and he asked me if my daughter was into Pokemon. Then we discussed the weather…lol. It was end of July in NJ. He was wearing denim overalls with a tank top and lug boots. He was very tall standing next to him. He was also very cute and fit. This was 20 + years ago.