Have you ever met anyone famous?

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  1. I see by the replies that there is quite a variety of music that the board members like, and a few stories of hanging out with famous people..(Billy Joe and Rancid) Anyone else met a famous person? When you met this famous person, was it what you expected, or were they a total jerk?:Push:
  2. I never met anyone famous :oh:
  3. Not really "famous", but famous to me, at least - George Rebelo, the drummer from Hot Water Music, one of my favorite bands. I met him this past New Year's Eve in Gainesville after they played a show. Oh, and I stood right next to Matt Skiba :love: from Alkaline Trio at the bar at the same club on July 4th last year. My boyfriend talked to him. And I met Tim, the singer from Rise Against, that same night. He stopped and talked to my friend and me. Very nice guy.

    About 5 years ago I met Joey Fatone from N'Sync :suspiciou He was at a mall down in Palm Beach Gardens. My ex-boyfriend's little sister used to love N'Sync, so I stopped him and got his autograph. He acted flustered and annoyed :suspiciou
  4. Hey. I'm a newbie who likes to lurk, but this one caught my eye. I went to warped tour and met the Way brothers of MCR. Mikey was so nice. He even introduced us to Gerard. I used to be a HUGE Gerard Way fan, but he was very mean. =( I think in all honesty, he was not interested in meeting me and my friend, she gave me the tickets =) I love her, because we were not very beautiful model types. Maybe it was a bad day for him, but being that he hurt my feelings and my friends feelings, I am no longer a fan.
  5. I live in an area w/ LOTS of Pro athletes if they count - Pudge Rodriquez, Rafael Palmeiro, Mark MaClemore, Tony Tolbert, Greg Ellis are some I've met, also I've met and live near Janine Turner, Angie Harmon and Pat Summerall.
  6. edit. whoopsies. double post.
  7. Matt Skiba has such a great unique voice. love it!
  8. I think so, too :biggrin: I've seen Alkaline live a few times, and they're coming here in April. I just have a strange attraction to three guys in black suits who wear eyeliner and sing about serial killers :shame: :P No, I'm not strange.......... :nuts:
  9. At the title fights I've gone to in Vegas many of the celebs come out; we always pay top dollar for prime seating so I have walked up and complimented many prize fighters, there is this one guy from HBO's Oz who is always at fights but I never remember his name (I just said, "hey I really loved your performance in Oz".) It is always my hubby who remembers the names I just smile and shake, when able.
  10. Don't know if it counts but I used to have Paul Newman's phone number in my possession. Gave it to all my girlfriends for their birthdays.

    Met Jennifer Holliday and the singer of Twisted Sister when I worked in a currency exchange office... but I guess that just celebrity sightings.

    And my neighbor is one of Sweden's most famous pop stars. Don't like his music tho ;)
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  11. I've met a lot of Nobel Prize Winners, CEOs and a few billionaires but I'm not sure how famous anyone considers them. It's not exactly like meeting Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Or even Jessica Simpson.
  12. Oh, I did meet Moammar Ghadaffi's son once in my line of work. You should have seen his body guards :weird:
  13. Extreme Home Makeover was re-doing a house close to me a couple years ago. A couple friends and I went one day to watch the renovation in action. We got to meet Ty, Paige, Michael and Constance. On the unveiling day, we stood there in the crowd for 6 hours! :oh:

    Hubby and I also stood in line behind an actor in line at the grocery store once while in Malibu....I for the life of me can't remember his name...ack! I want to say Samuel L. Jackson....but I'm not sure. Darn it. :sad:
  14. I met Woody Harrelson in NYC a few years back, he was super sweet :love:

    Hmm.. I know there's someone else.. damn, my memory is lacking :wacko:

    Patati, who is your neighbor? I'm trying to think of the most famous singer in Sweden and I can't seem to fathom who it is :P LOL
  15. Jocke Berg ring a bell?