Have you ever made a request for an item not listed w/ Let-Trade?

  1. Does anyone have experience with asking Let-trade to find you an item? Were they successful, how long did it take?

    (I have purchased from their posted items before but have never made a request. I love some of the discontinued epi colors and would be interested in asking Let-trade if they can find some of the pieces I REALLY want.)

    Hope everyone is having a super weekend - Thanks for the input!
  2. hey ya! i made a request for my panda agenda...

    i think from request to them actually having 1 (which fit my description and budget) took less than 1 month.

    exact dates --> requested on 23rd jan
    bought agenda --> bought 10 feb!

  3. That is fantastic! Congrats on the agenda!
    Was it just a basic condition description?
  4. nope. i asked for almost new to new. :sweatdrop: hard to please. but hey ho! they delivered! i got a new agenda!! with tag, box and all!
  5. i asked for a silver lexington (i didnt buy it) and it was up in about 2 weeks ;)
  6. I asked for the discontinued epi fannypack.. they had one immediately but not in my choice of colour or price. I think they do have things that they just don't list around, so try your luck !
  7. i tried asking for a black suhali lockit last november, waited for 2-3 weeks and ended up buying in the store. i think it also depends on the availability/saleability of the item you want, what they have in store (i noticed they usually don't stock up on 2 items) and the price you are willing to pay for the item. at that time, they had the brown sienna lockit which i didnt like and which they still have in stock...
  8. I've made a request for a mint condition practically new damier azur speedy 25...still haven't found one yet for me though although I do know some people who buy this style don't use it/keep it in their closet so it might have been bought 1 year ago but may be still in mint condition. It's been a month now and I haven't bought one yet so I'm hoping they're still on the lookout for me.