Have you ever made a deal with yourself to get a new bag?

  1. There are a few Coach bags that I would still love to get that I didn't get during PCE. I've decided to make a deal with myself. I have been wanting to lose weight for the past year but haven't been very successful. I a 5'9 and weigh 175 pounds. I don't look like I weigh as much as I do because of my height but I want to get back to where I was before I started working - 145 pounds! I was down to 153 pounds about a year and a half ago but then I had unexpected surgery and I gained it back. 145 pounds here I come! That is my goal. So my incentive is this, if I can lose the 30 pounds that I want to lose, I will buy myself the Coach bags that I so want! Here are their pictures:


    I hope these bags are still around by the time I lose the weight. :smile:I will do it the right way. Eat the right foods, exercise & eliminate the bad carbs! I am not that crazy about any of the bags in the new bleeker collection so I am focusing on these. Please wish me luck. I am determined to lose the weight and keep the weight off..

    Do you ever make any deals with yourself to get a bag? Please share
  2. Yes! I do this! Actually I just made this deal with myself the other day. I have been losing weight this year. I started out at 270 pounds, and have lost 52 pounds so far. I still need to lose about 60 pounds to get to my goal of around 160. I know that is still overweight, but hey i'll take it!

    I have told myself that when I lose 30 more pounds I can buy the coach bags I want.. right now it's the bleeker duffle and wallet in bottle green. HOPEFULLY they are still in STOCK! :p

    I am eating less... eating high protein, staying away from bad carbs (but I do have some every now and again) I have not worked out much, but I am going to start because the weather is getting cooler outside and I have no excuse!

    SO we can do this! 30 pounds here we come!:wlae:
  3. Excellent idea! I, too, need to lose some and think it's always a great idea to give yourself an incentive to do it. Good luck!:tup:
  4. Beautiful choices in bags!!! The Chelsea line is MY PERSONAL FAVORITE!!! Good luck!!!
  5. i think that's a great idea to have a goal and stick to it and then reward yourself! i'm never successful with things like that lol. Good luck to all of you!
  6. Congratulations on losing 50 pounds! That is quite an accomplishment because I know how hard that can be!
  7. Thanks for the support, ladies! I AM DETERMINED!
  8. I TOTALLY DO THIS! Hence, my shopping spree with this past week's PCE! I made a deal that if I lost 25 lbs (and save the $ for it), I would get what I really wanted during PCE.
    I used the Weight Watchers points system and it has been SO easy. those lbs came off without even exercising! My next goal is for another 10 before November (I have an award banquet to attend) and if I reach it, I'm goin' for a Gucci!

    You can totally do it! Use those 100 Calorie packs to satisfy your sweets craving. Put those Coach pics on the fridge to remind yourself why you're not opening it and searching for snacks! ;)

    Keep us all updated on your progress. Same for Taralindsey - - you ladies are motivating me too keep up with my WW!
  10. Good for you!!! I'd screw myself over if I ever did that...:tdown: Look on the bright side, if those aren't available, surely some other :drool: one will be!!!
  11. I just lost a bit of weight recently. You can do it, it just takes discipline. Best of luck to you!
  12. I AM DOING THE SAME THING! I am trying to lose 10lbs and my "reward" is either going to be a Chelsea/ Large Carly or an LV Speedy (with Christmas creeping up on us maybe more than one:graucho:)
    Best of luck on meeting your goal!!!