Have you ever loved a bag so much you don't want to buy a new one?

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  1. I usually carry a bag for a little while (6mo-1yr), then switch it out for another. Most are beautiful, but there's always a functionality quirk that irritates me (not enough pockets, set up oddly, fishing for keys). I am usually always on the hunt for my next bag, just keeping my eyes peeled for a new love affair. Though recently, I've fallen in love for real. I only look at other bags in passing, but know I'll never love them as much as my current bag. I even bought another, but never even used it. Is this the end for me? Has this ever happened to you?
  2. In a word-- no! I always want more bags! If one style works perfectly for me, then I just want every color.
  3. Me too. If like the style of the bag and if it's functional, I'll buy a couple more in different colors.
  4. Unfortunately, no...I still feel my "collection" is incomplete (somehow). I love what I have, but I'm always searching for the next one.
  5. To me, there is no such thing as the perfect bag. I always need a different one depending on the occasion, the outfit, the season, etc. So I have to have bags of different sizes and colors and styles and so on. Certainly there are bags that are more comfortable for me than others, and I try to buy everyday bags in styles that I know work for me, but I don't believe in the "perfect bag" - at least for me!
  6. I totally agree with what you said Madigan - except I have not found the perfect bag. HauteMama put it nicely too! I think even if I found the perfect bag, it would not be perfect for all outfits, occassions, and weather... So I will always be on the lookout!
  7. I haven't had it with a bag, but with shoes - definitely! I have very small feet so if I find a pair of shoes that fits well, I often buy more than one pair or multiple pairs in different colours.
  8. No, never happened to me. Like Kathrin, I do have shoes I never want to wear out, except I have big ouchy feet!
  9. "Have you ever loved a bag so much you don't want to buy a new one?"

  10. Never. Even after getting my Holy Grails (which are Balenciagas) I have a sickening feeling I would continue to want more bags. It's like an addiction really, it's hard to resist. If it's beautiful, functional, perfect, and just a great all-around bag, I'm all over it!
  11. I still haven't found the perfect bag, gotten close but not yet. I have an idea what it might be but even then I'd want to switch off once in awhile. So no I would still be looking to see what's new or out there.
  12. Nope, there's so much variety out there...and that's why there's such a big forum here, to distract people like me from studying...blah, don't feel like studying anymore!!!
  13. You know, I never thought that this would happen to me, and recently it had! I think if another bag that catches my eye comes out in the future I'll start buying bags in another style, but currently I am trying to keep myself from buying that favorite style of mine in every single color! It is so crazy I cannot tell you how. I think I've finally gone nuts officially.
  14. I like to have a few different bags to switch around, but I know what you mean. I have about 12 bags in circulation at any given time, but to be honest I only use about 4 of them on a regular basis.
  15. Even if I love the bag to death....I always buy more....and the purseforum does not help!!! LOL