Have you ever loved a bag so much you bought it twice???

  1. ...in different sizes of course. :p

    I just received my Tivoli PM & GM bags and am now having a hard time deciding which one to keep. I really like both of them. :love: But would it be weird to keep both? Should I just decide on one and then exchange the other for a Beverly MM which I've been lusting over since last summer?

    What would you guys do?
  2. Keep both if you truly love them.. hey, that's why I have the BV and BH. :graucho:
  3. I have actually purchased two identical bags!!! If I love a style, I have been known to do that!
  4. IMO I would exchange one for the beverly! :yes::yes::yes:
  5. I can relate! But what happens to me is that I get buyer's remorse later and kick myself in the butt (it's happened with the jeans I buy). Good luck deciding!
  6. I wouldn't keep both. I'd go for the Beverly!
  7. I would exchange one for the Beverly but that is what I would do
    Good luck with your decision...do what you feel most comfortable
  8. idk but your dogs are soooo Cute!!
  9. Thanks. Those are my Imperial Shih-Tzu babies. The black one is Aiko, and the white one is Suki.
  10. Definitely exchange one for the Beverly- as lovely as the Tivoli is, I think you'd get extremely bored with two of them and you'd ultimately end up carrying one way more than the other anyway.
  11. yeah get rid of one and get the beverly. this comes from a woman who has 2 nverfulls, cabas mezzo and alto, multiple speedies..... oh the list goes on.....:push:

    so if u dont want the gm-pls sell it to me!!!!!! seriously!!!!:shame::rolleyes:
  12. ^^^ is suki really that size.....? a saucer? is she full grown?
  13. if you love them, and can see yourself getting to use them both then keep them. i have a speedy 30, and 35, I'm also getting a keepall sometime soon. They are all the same shape.
  14. I'm really sorry to be off the topic but your doggie is just too sweet. Is he full size or still a pup? How much does he weigh? I a regular shiz tsu too.

    Anyways, if you love both your bags and can afford it then I say keep them both. I have to identical bag because I am really anal about getting my bags dirty and when one is looking a bit tired, I may either sell it or use it as a on the errand bag and use the new one just for going out.
  15. No, Suki is now 6 months old and almost full grown. She is still small, weighs about 4 lbs and wears an xs in dog sweaters.