Have you ever loved a bag so much that you considered buying another one?

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  1. I love my black leather Legacy Shoulder Zip. Seriously, it's my favorite purse ever and I really think it might be *the* perfect purse for me. It's been a while since I carried it (I put it away for the summer) and I switched back to it this past Saturday. I just love this bag and even though I think it will last a long time, I am seriously thinking about getting another one to stash away in case anything ever happens to the one I have now.

    Am I sick? Has anyone else ever thought about this this or has anyone actually done it?

    ETA: I called JAX and there are still over 100 of them available so if I decided that I really want to do this I could nab one while PCE is still going...

  2. Not a Coach, but the Rebecca Minkoff Morning After bag is sooooo wonderful. I have a black and want and will get another in brown.
  3. I've definitely done the same bag in several colors - I don't even think twice about that! But, would you ever consider buying one that's identical to one you already have?
  4. what's the style number on the bag?
  5. Haha...sounds like something I would do....But usually I say that, and a few months later I am in love w/ another bag. I hope to someday find the PERFECT bag like you have. *sigh*:girlsigh:
  6. I've duplicated bags in different colors (ex, i own 2 sig stripes and am getting a 3rd for xmas), but I dont think i would get two of the same identical bag...
  7. Hmmmm....cant say I've ever done that one. Good idea though.
  8. If I like the style so much, I would buy another one or two but in different colors though.
  9. Newbie chiming in here. I think thats a great idea if you are absolutely in love with the bag and want to use it for years to come. I did this once with a comforter I love, because they tend to get worn out, so I bought a duplicate and when the time came I just changed them out.
  10. 10326
  11. nope, never done it.. but if you really want to... otherwise, I would expect it to last a looong time because coach has such a great warranty and if it doesn't you could probably always find one on eBay or something. :yes:
  12. I have but in different colors. But I have done exactly that with a favorite shirt.
  13. I have the large laced leather duffle in moss, brown, and black.

    It's my FAV. Coach bag of all time. I can't get enough of it!!!!

    I love it so much that I will probably get a 4th, another one in black, just in case, when my funds increase!!!!
  14. If I absolutely loved the bag and I knew that it may be hard to come by down the road....heck ya! I'd buy a backup! Its hard enough to find your "perfect bag" if you love it, heaven forbid it would ever be stolen or stained in anyway.... I would buy a backup while you still can. :tup:
  15. Yes, I would definately think about it, however, you may find that in a few years either your taste will change or a different bag will be your favorite. I frequently buy shoes in the exact same style and color and later didn't need the extra pair, however, the ones I SHOULD have bought duplicates of, I didn't. By the way, I am pretty sure I am the one who bought your black Legacy signature shoulder zip off eBay from you. Your user name is very similar.