Have You Ever Lost Your Scarf Off Your Bag?

  1. This happened to me last week.
    I had my square legacy scarf on my large blk sig carly and I just had it tyed in a knot around the strap.
    It lasted me all week so I didn't think it would be a problem. Well it fell off in the dollar tree and I didn't notice it until I got home. I went back feeling so frantic, the cashier was so rude and didn't want to help. I ended up walking around the entire store looking for it and didn't find it.

    Finally, as I was walking out I saw an old man stocking the shelves and I figured he probably doesn't know as he's just the stock boy, but I asked him anyway. And he said, "Yeah i saw something like that in the other aisle." He took me there and there it was! I hugged the guy, I know I totally caught him off guard, but I was so relieved.
    If I hadn't have asked him I would've been so screwed. I'm so glad I did.

    How do you ladies secure your scarves onto your bags? I'm so worried they will fall off now that I haven't used one since.
  2. I have a long PT scarf that I have been using on my black coach bag. I had problems with it falling off to until I did the following.

    I wrapped it around the handles many times and then knotted that twice to secure it. Then I tied a bow on top of that so it would stay secure.

    The additional knots don't show and it helps the bow stay nice and secure. :smile:
  3. maybe a safety pin would work or some fabric tape. That is so great that you found it and hugged the guy at the dollar tree !
  4. Do you have a picture of this? I'd love to see how it is done.
    Also, PYARI: you were SOOOOO LUCKY to find your scarf! Of course, I guess most people who frequent the Dollar Tree probably wouldn't know a COACH Scarf if they saw one - you know?!? (not saying anything about their clientel..I SHOP THERE, TOO!) So glad you found it!!!
  5. That's great that you found it!! I'm constantly tying and re-tying my scarves so hopefully I'll notice if it slips off.
  6. Well it says COACH in big letters all across. I was worried that since the dollar tree I went to was kind of in the "ghetto" neighborhood that it would definitely be gone before I got there, just because it was cute.
  7. Glad you found it, I would have been just as frantic.
    I use a safety pin to secure mine. After I get the ponytail scarf tied in a bow, I attach the pin underneath the center of the bow and it doesn't even show.
  8. Oh my goodness! That must have given you a fright! I'm so glad you found it. I'm sure you were so relieved.
  9. Wow, that's so great you got it back! Not a scarf, but my daughter had her watermelon charm and golden apple keyfob fall off her bag (she had them clipped together) -- we were walking out of Macy's and I heard it hit the pavement. Good thing I was with her, she didn't hear it. Now when we go out, I always keep checking that we're not leaving something behind.
  10. Wow I am so glad you found it!!! Imagine someone going to the dollar store and picking that baby up.. wow!!
  11. :wtf:

    glad you found it!

    I check mine religiously... I tighten it 1-2x/day.
  12. I'm so happy you found it! You would have been too bummed if it was gone forever! YAY for the Dollar Tree Man!!
  13. I'm glad you went back and found it! I wrap my scarf around the handle and then put it in a bow, and I've had no problems!
  14. i usually double knot my scarf before tying it into a bow. So far, (crossing my fingers) i haven't lost one and I always carry a scarf, except on my watercolor tote.

    I am so glad you found yours, what are the chances!! while i was reading and you mentioned the clerk lady being rude, the first thought that came to my mind was that she found it and wasn't planning on giving it back to you. I am so glad that was not the case!
  15. Oh, I'm so glad to hear you found it! You were very lucky.

    I haven't lost a scarf on a bag, but I have lost one on my head! Last winter I was wearing a Legacy Stripe Ponytail scarf as a headband and the wind blew it right off and I couldn't catch up with it :sad: I always have a hard time keeping the scarves in my hair.