Have you ever lost the love?

  1. I discovered B bags a few months ago, in March. I went insane and purchased way too many bags. Now I am filled with regret :sad:

    I have managed to sell a few of them and now suddenly I feel like I should sell ALL of them (well, I think I would keep one or two).

    Has this happened to any of you? What did you do? Did the love come back after time?

    I have managed to find other brands (Hayden Harnett is one example) that makes soft, incredible bags at MUCH cheaper prices.

    Do you sometimes gasp at the fact that you have spent so much money on one bag? :confused1:
  2. Yes, I did for a while. I considered selling all mine and sticking to other brands. However, think I just needed to break. Now I am back on track and loving my b-bags.

    I know how you feel though. I am at the same point with Louis Vuitton. If only the resell value was as good as Balenciaga, I would get rid of almost every LV item I have.
  3. Yep i've just had the same experience, i think because i'm going on unpaid maternity leave i panicked and bought lots of bags knowing i won't be able to for a long time - irrational i know, i blame the hormones! I've had to sell a few of my bags and it's been really hard as i loved them all, but realise it has to be done...as the saying goes "better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all"

    Having reduced my collection of bags to the bare minimum - ones i could never sell - i love and appreciate (and use!) them more.
  4. I agree, I was up to 10, now back to 5, and much happier. Although I have to laugh at the idea of 5 being my bare minimum. Now I am pining for 2 more, let's see if 7 becomes the new minimum.
  5. Thanks Ladies! Hmm, maybe I should keep a few and call it a truce :tup:

    However, I'm just at the point of wanting to get rid of them ALL....but what if I regret it later on?

    I've been feeling this way for the past month or two so this isn't necessarily a new feeling :confused1:
  6. Never lost the love:p! However, there have been times when I looked at my babies and thought, this is a fortune right here!:confused1: I view them as investments, though.

    Each one of my purchases was considered, and it helped that they were spaced out, so with each bag there was this sense of waiting for it and then fully enjoying it.

    I sold some that I didn't use very much, and am down to 4 bags and a few clutches. There are more that I want, but they will probably take a while to find and then put a serious dent in my finances - and at this current confuguration, all my bags get airtime.

    If I were in your situation, I'd probably try to put the Bals away for a while and carry other bags - see if you miss them at all - it's easier than selling and regretting! Carrying another bag makes me lust for a Bal in a big way. :yes:
  7. maybe pare it down to two and use the heck out of them - then you'll feel you're really getting use out of and loving bags that you paid alot of money for - then when the bug hits you again, you can go from there. Good Luck!
  8. I did and sold most of my Bals. Now I'm ready to re-ignite the flames of Balenciaga passion.
  9. Wow, that was quick.. So the love only lastet for a month or so?

    I got my first bag in March as well, but before that I had been wishing for one for more than a year...

    I'm still pretty 'new' to the world of Balenciaga - and my funds are limited, so my collection will grow slowly, but I don't think the love will ever go away... I love pretty but edgy designs and Balenciaga captures it perfectly.. :love:

    I still have a small collection of Mulberry and Miu Miu which I love, so pricy bags are not new to me, - and I prioritize it, meaning that other things like clothes are bought cheaper - mostly vintage bought online..

    Carrying a yummie bag makes me happy - and makes me feel chic no matter what I'm wearing - I love that!!

    Find out what makes you happy :yes:
  10. Don't worry Judie! It is a normal feeling. Sometimes we get caught up in the thrill of the chase! I agree with putting the bags away for awhile before you sell them to see if you miss them. Btw, please don't get rid of your day until I can actually meet up with you and see that gorgeous bag up close. I'm still kicking myself for not saying hello when I thought I saw you with Lee at SHM awhile back. Last time I saw him, I told him how I was drooling over that day from afar and he said it was amazing!!!What HH bags have you discovered????
  11. I did forget my love for bbags for a while but never really lost it. I sold some of them or replaced them with the ones I always wanted. I kept 3 and I'll get another one on Monday but I waited a pretty long time between the purchases and this makes them more valuable to me. Last year I bought bbags like a maniac and this was definately to fast. This year I slowed down a lot and I can appreciate every single bag I own. I think I'll never loose the love for bbags completely because everytime I wear one of them I'm smitten by the colour, leather and lightweightness again.
    I would sell some and keep 2 or 3 because if you sell them all you'll probably regret it later.
  12. I did that with LV a few years ago (went way overboard) and finally sold all of them when I ventured into Chloe (to help fund those purchases), but then bought a few too many of those as well. Then when I discovered Bal, I again sold off all but one Chloe right away (now that one is gone as well) to help fund my new love. By then I realized that, for me at least, more is not better. I tend to feel guilty about spending the $$, plus I can't love that many bags at once (although I do admire/envy the serious collectors on tPF and LOVE to look at theirs). Just knowing there are a couple 1K bags sitting neglected in their dust bags in my closet gets on my nerves, so I've pared my teeny collection down to just three Bals that I use all the time, and a few sentimental bags (gifts from others) and special occasion clutches. I enjoy the few that I do have so much more now, and still plan to add one or two to them in time. If you feel the need to purge...do it, but it doesn't have to be all or nothing. Maybe let a few go that you really don't LOVE and you'll appreciate the ones you keep and not feel guilty or overwhelmed anymore.
  13. I completely understand what you are feeling~ although I am not giving up my Bbags but I went through the same thing with LV. I sold all my LV's and kept one that was my favorite and although I never use it I just want to hold on to one LV bag!!! I think you should keep 1 or 2 and sell the rest to get some $ back in your pocket. It is too much money wasted to just keep in the closet.

    Believe it or not I am overwhelmed when I have 5 Bbags~ I get stressed out that I'm not using them enough to justify an expensive purchase! I have 6 Bbags and am wanting 2 more and it makes me feel sick! I really am trying to make myself part with one right now but I love them all too much to let any go. It is on my mind all the time!

    Good Luck on your hard decision and I'm sure you will do what is best for you. :heart:
  14. I have lost the love before too! I had seven at one point, and sold four that I never really used. Now, I am down to three and love all of the ones that I have. With this season I have rediscovered the love because there are soooo many colors that I want. Also, as MissM said, I always feel chic when I am carrying one no matter what I am wearing. That is a good feeling!:yes: I have other brands of bags too, and when I feel like my collection is getting too large, I always sell and prefer to only keep what I use.
  15. Not lost the LOVE ever completely. But never found the love for some styles, and the love calmed down for others. I did the same as most, went mad in the begining but feel like I now know what I want, and have greater willpower to stick to what I want, rather than going mad for everthing. As a result I've sold a lot of my collection and invested in styles I really love and use.

    Can't imagine ever losing the LOVE completely, even for a short time.