Have you ever lost or damaged beyond repair...

  1. one of you H items?

    I had a banner weekend last weekend. On Friday I lost my "épices" scarf pochette. I have no idea where to replace it. On Monday I lost my mini Constance belt at the mall. I had to take it off at some poin and forgot to put it back on.

    Of course no one returned these to the lost and found....

    The Constance belt I have replaced already, but in a different size.

    The scarf hurts more....
  2. Quinn's Mom, I'm so sorry.....

    No, so far I have not lost anything, not to say I won't ever....I can see how you could take off the belt and forget it....that's easy to do. But, the pochette will be a harder replacement. How about something you love just as much as a replacement...not identical, of course, but something else?
  3. Susi,

    My husband was nice enough to go to Hermes the next day and pick me up the Monsiuer & Madame full size scarf which is beautiful!

    I'm just smacking myself for not being mor careful.
  4. I'm so sorry, Quinn's Mom!!! I can see how this would be so easy to do....forget to put the belt back on! And I adore that your DH was so sweet to go get that gorgeous scarf for you..................he's a lovely man!!!
  5. Quinn's Mom, sorry to hear about your lost items. That's happened to me a couple of times and I felt like kicking myself. Life just moves too fast to keep track of everything, especially with little ones. So nice of your husband to replace your scarf. When I lose stuff, I usually don't tell mine. ;)
  6. i'm sorry to hear that! i'm also happy you got replacements :smile:
    i've had bad luck with rings in the past. i lost a Chanel black Camelia ring in some hotel bathroom in Laughlin, Nevada on my way from Vegas a few years ago, and last year i lost an Amethyst estate ring that i LOVED in the bathroom at Barney's in Bev Hills. Now, i never take rings off while washing my hands.
  7. So sorry to hear that but what a sweet DH!!! :love:
  8. Oh my God I've done this! At work, no less and it STILL never was found! When I got engaged I had to completely break myself of the habit so I wouldn't leave that ring on the sink, my DH would leave me! LoL :noggin:
  9. i know the feeling, the frustration, the loss...
    i had a lovely new royal blue H fanny pack, that tied in the back.
    don't know how the ties came loose, but when i got home,
    it was gone. i called every place where i was that day.
    i never saw it again.

    when my entire bag was stolen a few years ago,
    my beautiful H green leather jotter was in it.
    i wasn't carrying an hermes bag,
    and all my accessories were LV.
    i lost everything and felt so violated

    it stinks. it's a pain in the neck. period.
    but in the scheme of things, it's all replaceable.
  10. It is so rough to lose Hermes items isn't it?
    So terribly sorry QM.
    I lost my snowman key chain before Christmas. I'd only had it for a week. The opening was made too big (and I knew it might come apart) so I was mad at myself and Hermes too.
    Life does go on, doesn't it??!!