Have you ever lost a charm off of a purse?

  1. I just got my Skeleton in and I love it! However I love it so much I'm almost afriad to put it on my purse. The little clips look secure but I'm afraid of losing it.

    Has anyone lost one? Or does anyone have any advice on how to secure it better?
  2. I've never lost a charm from a bag, but I did lose my solid perfume (luckily, I found it). It's a different kind of attachment though. I say, enjoy it! My charms have stayed on perfectly! :okay:
  3. I always have some kind of charm on my bag, and so far I have never had a problem, so I wouldnt' worry too much. Don't hide the little guy away for fear of losing him! you want to show it off!!

  4. Me, too:yes:

    However, I've tried to lose a scarf twice (two different scarves...must practice!)
  5. what i do sometimes is attach it to the inside of my bag (like on a zipper, or interior ring clip). That way, i can see it all the time, but not have to worry about losing it!
  6. i have a cute pink heart keyfob attached to my black signature demi. i've had it for almost a year, and i've never lost it or had it fall off. i think you're pretty safe from it falling off.

    i do have a cute cell phone lanyard with a silver star with crystals. two of the crystals fell off. i'm so sad, i really love that cell lanyard.
  7. Nicole I know exactly what you mean. I wanted the Coach Keychain with the crystals but someone here mentioned that a few of theirs had fallen out so I changed my mind.
  8. I'll never lose my charm ;) (get it?)
  9. i've never lost anything but then again i'm checking it like every few minutes. but i have the skull on my keys (so i can find it in my purse) and i have never had a problem with it when its on there!
  10. :lol: Anyways, back on topic, I've never lost a charm off of my bag. If it is properly secured, I really don't see how you could lose it. I'm paranoid, so I always look at it, but I honestly don't think it would fall of unless it was really old and the clip had broken or something. :yes:
  11. Bethie, just to put your mind at ease, just send that skull charm to me and I will take really good care of him for you!!:angel:
  12. Becky you crack me up, LOL! I think I'll be keeping Mr. Pirate for now.

  13. :roflmfao: I was thinking the same thing. I would keep him safe.