Have you ever locked yourself out of the house?

  1. Have you ever locked yourself out of the house?

    I've done this many times...one of which was today. It got quite funny with me trying to climb in through my basement bedroom window.
  2. LOL yes I have!

    Christmas Day 2003 - I was home alone, wearing nothing but a santa hat, undies and a singlet because of the heat, went downstairs to the garage to get some wine, locked the door by reflex (because usually I'm leaving the house when I go through that door), swung it shut, remembered at the last minute that I didn't have a key and LUNGED back for the door just in time to see it slam shut and lock.

    After 4 hours of sitting on the back steps, looking at the garden, looking for a spare key (even though I knew there wasn't one), I considered walking down to the local shops or knocking on a neighbours' door to use the phone, but I just couldn't do it... I had visions of the neighbours answering their doors to a girl in her underwear and a santa hat and all their elderly relatives, husbands and young children copping an eyeful! I looked like a santa strippergram LOL

    Anyway, after 6 hours, my friend dropped in to say hi and ended up calling her dad for help. I certainly learned about the value of spare keys that summer...

    Have you ever been busted halfway through your basement window, orderandlaw? :roflmfao:
  3. Oh, many times! I finally learned to stash spare keys in my garage, which was seperate from my house. It sucks.
  4. This morning, actually. :blush: Luckily I popped in to see MrFrankie at his work, and nick his.
  5. I know this is addressed to the OP but once my friend LewLew got busted trying to break into his own apt. I was with him. It was hilarious!
  6. Plenty of times.... I feel like a dork climbing into my house thru the window. Luckily my neighborhood is safe.
  7. Ha! what happened?! I've always wondered what people do when they get busted in this situation...
  8. lots of times! i just go to my mum's and wait for my fiancee to get back!
  9. I don't think I have actually. I've helped loads of friends and neighbours climb back through their windows when they've done it though.
  10. Too many times :tdown:
  11. Yes, I have and to make it worst, it happened at midnight.
  12. Once me and a friend were supposed to go to a nearby city that's about 2 hours away and I went to her house since she was going to be driving and she well.. locked her house and car keys inside her house so we were basically stuck outside. We tried climbing in through the window.. picking the door lock (if we succeded then that would be a little scary lol!).. you name it we tried it. After about an hour of different attempts, she realized that she knew someone with a spare key. I thought I could of killed her lol.
  13. Thankfully not once in the nearly 5 years I've lived here. I really need to hide a spare key around here just in case. Before I moved here my apartment had just one entrance and the door only locked with a deadbolt from the outside so you couldn't ever lock yourself out.

    Now my townhouse has a front door which has both a springlock and deadbolt, back slider to the backyard plus a door inside the garage to the main floor. I've ALMOST locked myself out once when I drove in the garage, left the garage open, bolted the inside entrance from the garage behind me and then went out my FRONT door to take some garbage out. I thought i had closed the front door behind me and locked it which would have meant I was locked out but whew, I left the front door open after all.

    Geez, sorry about the ramble. :push:
  14. Yes, thankfully I have a window on my 1st floor that doesn't lock!!
  15. yeah but not too many times! I just wait outside until one of my parents show up and opens the door!