Have you ever lived alone??

  1. Hello everyone:

    I just wanted to know how many of you guys live alone or have lived alone at any point (perhaps after graduating from school or before getting married). I'm about to take the plunge in a few months and I just want some opinions about it. A friend of mine says it a "rite of passage" for a girl in her twenties and it must be done! LOL.
  2. i'm living alone right now and i'm still adjusting since i barely moved out at the end of feb. however, i'm liking it very much although it feels like it gets lonely sometimes.. i hope you enjoy your new experience!
  3. Yes I have, for about 4 years. I think your friend is right. Do it and you will never regret it - for me I found myself while living alone, it's a cliche but true (for me) that I knew who I was, what I was capable of doing by myself, I enjoyed the quiet time, having the whole place to myself and doing everything I wanted to the place. It's different when you have a roommate. Try it, and if it isn't for you you can always find a roommate.
  4. i moved out with my bf last july ...its been a lot easier with him. i don't think i'd beable to do it alone, too many things that go bump in the night that give me the spooks! he's away at work for the better half of the morning, afternoon and night, so i adopted two bunnies to keep me company!
  5. After breaking up with my boyfriend (with whom I lived together for 4 years) I moved in January to my own place... it's strange at the beginning, but I love it (except when it comes to cleaning and all that kind of stuff LOL)!!! There are moments when I miss my family and best friends (they are in Argentina, I'm still in the Netherlands... :cry: ) but I cannot complain - except for not having enough money to buy all the furniture I need for my flat :nuts: !!!
    Good luck :biggrin:
  6. You're just like me! I get sooo scared when I hear noises, epecially at night. I wonder if I'll be able to manage at first...oh well. It's worth a try for a short time I guess. I don't have too many other options now.

    Thanks to all the others who have posted responses. I do feel like it's something I have to do for myself.
  7. i live alone, and have since i was 20 or 21, i don't even remember.
  8. I am living alone now. And have been for the past 6 years. At first, I felt very lonely. But I had no one to turn to since I came here for school. But if you ask me now, I would never be able to live with my parents again! The freedom is great! But it's also the experience. You learn a lot of stuff that will help you in the long run. I became so much more independent after that. My sister did the same and I saw her changed from being someone who always rely on people, to someone who can stand up for herself.

    Good luck to you! And if you ever feel lonely, you know that we are here for u! ;)
  9. Well I'm living with my sister right now. As much as I love living with her I want a place that I can call my own and decorate it as I please. We are renting a townhouse outside of downtown but I rather live in downtown. I also want something small less cleaning :lol: So hopefully come fall or next winter i'll be doing that. i think it's great, i mean other than there wouldn't be anyone to talk to. u get to learn about urself and have whom ever over with no interruptions *wink, wink..
  10. I've lived alone a couple of times. I LOVED it.
  11. I lived alone from sophomore year in college till I got married. As much as I loved my freshman year roommates, I really wanted a place of my own. I was nervous in the beginning. I never lived on my own before and I got (still do) scared easily. In fact, I slept with my light on every night for maybe 2 months. After awhile, I just got used to living alone, and I actually really enjoyed it...:love:
  12. I did! It was liberating and completely satisfying! I thought I'd be scared or lonely, but I wasn't, I think it's a worthy experience for sure.
  13. Yes for a long time (and sometimes miss it now that I'm married lol ;) ). My parents decided to move to NC when I was 21 and I didn't want to go. I lived on my own from 21-28 when I got married. It takes an adjustment period but it's such a liberating experience :biggrin: :love: It's so nice to be able to do what you want, when you want, have all the independence....it's a wonderful time in your life!
  14. I agree with all the positives the girls have said. And the night-bumpers too! I lived alone in an old house in my town that had been the hospital dring the 20's. Seriously strange things at night, but I really learned alot about myself that prepared me for later. I think everybody should do it. You learn what you can do and that certainly prepares you for husbands, children and careers!:lol:
    Good Luck!;)
  15. I lived alone until I got married. Wait! Let me backtrack.....I tried living with my boyfriend when I was still in college. Note: TRIED. Read: Did not work!

    Living alone rocked for me :love: