Have you ever lied about your LV?

  1. I've had a couple of guys that scared me once ask me about my LV wanting to know if it was real. It was late and I had to stop for gas, I went inside to pay and a guy asked me, I turned to him and said "I wish!" He just kinda grinned and I paid and got out of there.
  2. I lied to my bf & his friends...I know it sounds horrible but he just doesn't understand! They could not believe I had just spent $250 on a Burberry tote & when they saw my new LV they flipped out! So I let them believe I got it for under $100...I hate to admit that bc my bf is a complete sweetheart & is the most generous person I've ever met, he just doesn't understand handbags. It is very sad.
  3. If I'm in a bad area or it's really late at night and some stranger ask me that question, I'll lie too. I want my life afterall! :lol:

    I lie to my parents and relatives about the price of my bags all the time too. I always say I got it on sale or I discount up to 50% of the actual value. I don't want them to think I'm a shallow freak!
  4. Wow, I definitely would have too in the same situation ! :wacko:

    I don't think I've ever lied about my bags.. but nothing so scary has ever happened to me before !
  5. i lie to my mom. she never goes into a LV boutique because she wouldn't buy an expensive bag. she says she'd rather spend her money on jewelry. she'd have a fit if she knew how much my bags really cost.
  6. My parents would have a fit too! So I do lie to them about the price. Otherwise I'm pretty honest unlike the gas station situation. That is pretty scary
  7. My bf thinks that LV has "sales" HA! I just hope he never goes in and asks.
  8. I always give a discounted price on how much I actually spent on the bags. I just lie about everything I buy, cuz all my friends and family have tried many times to intervene my shopping habits (they took away my credit cards once, but they didn't know I memorized all the numbers LOL) =D
  9. i had just bought my white mc wapity and my grandma asked how much it was, and i said $50. she said "you paid $50 for that!!!????????????"i just laughed.
  10. Not to my husband, he's the one who buys them for me so, I can't lie. I do lie about them to my in-laws. Shhh!
  11. :lol: :lol: !!...I use that too!
  12. hahah omg i lie about the price to my bf ALL the time. he'd flip out if he knew.
  13. I never had to lie about my LV or any of my bags.:biggrin: My parents never ask and my boyfriend knows how much they are, no thanks to me!
  14. I'll tell strangers who ask me how much my bag costs that "I don't know, I got it as a gift"...even if I know the price. I just don't like disclosing that kind of information to a random person that approaches me on the street.
  15. If I was in that situation I'd definitely lie. That's part of the reason I got the mono speedy - I actually hope most people will think its fake, that way I won't get mugged. :shame: