Have you ever left something bad in your LV overnight?

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  1. I bought my Totally Monogram GM last week for my big new job. :nuts: The bag is FABULOUS - perfect for work and home. The thing is, I brough a zip lock bag of roasted peanuts with me on my first day (yesterday), and forgot to take them out last night. :shocked:

    So you might think that peanuts in a zip lock bag wouldn't infest your LV with a nasty, hot, nutty smell, but they will!!!!

    I opened my bag this morning and was assaulted by a horrible peanut smell. I can still smell it tonight, but it's getting weaker. I think I will spray my favorite perfume in it and see what happens.

    So, I was wondering if anyone has ever left something stinky or gross in their LV overnight????
  2. no...too ocd.
  3. nope.
  4. no... i haven't done so. you can try putting gum in your purse... it makes it smell pretty fresh haha
  5. LOL Div4life!!

    I empty my bags when I get home and put them away.. :smile:
    The only time I have food in there is when we go to the movies and have bags of M&Ms or Maltesers! yummm
  6. well, i never left food in there but i do from time to time have have kids cereal in ziplock bags...i like the smell of peanuts.
  7. I have not, but I do not think I would put perfume in your bag either. Maybe one of the fridge baking soda boxes (the closed ones so it will not spill) to remove a smell. Often, the purfume will not smell right if not on skin.
  8. The peanut smell will go away in a couple of days. :smile: Definitely don't do the perfume. I sprayed perfume in a purse once and it permanently stained the canvas on the inside. It forever looked like it had water spots.
  9. not that I can remember
  10. im probably the messiest person alive! but i've never left any food in my bag (because i am a pig, so i finish everything i eat, LOL) but thats a good idea that xMsxPhantasyx had, put an open pack of gum in there! or just spray an odor eliminating spray in there.
  11. that's really bad.... i always try to avoid putting food in my bag. especially in a lv.... my lv doesn't deserve to become a storage kit for food. i'd rather starve XD
  12. I'm scared to put anything messy or smelly into my LV bags, so I never do that. But I guess the smell will fade in a couple of days, so don't worry :smile:
  13. I am so unorganized, my car keys have been in one of my purses for months, I have been using a spare. I re-stuff all my bags and its too much effort to check them all, haha. Its a nice surprise sometimes because I also always leave money, and the other day I found a starbucks card in my tivoli! But nothing smelly...yet
  14. ita^
  15. I just remembered, maybe you could put a dryer sheet inside! I used to hide them in my roommates shoes, I swear they were awful and he would put them by the front door right under my coat. It worked for that situation.