Have you ever hired a SOIL ENGINEER?

  1. I think I might need to hire one, but am having zero luck trying to locate one in the US. Anyone out there have any ideas/suggestions? I'd be truly grateful.
    I think it's time or a martini!:whistle:
  2. I have had to hire one when we bought a bunch of land in Montana that is being sold to developers once we put in the electric, streets, and sewers. Because this was previously unused land it is a federal reg that we had to have soil engineers to inspect, evaluate, etc. WHy do you need one?
  3. We have dealings with them for our business - have you checked on-line for them in your area? Feel free to pm me for more info...
  4. ^^Sent you a PM!
  5. Just an FYI for all--they're actually called soils engineers or geotechnical engineers. Soils is just a specialization.
  6. Thanks everyone-I have a good lead that I'll investigate tomorrow.:tender:
  7. Also, call your City Hall, there's usually someone there that can help.
  8. My parents have used a soil engineer they found through an architecture firm. Also, our county keeps a list of soil engineers available upon asking. Yours might do the same!

    Good luck!
  9. The Soil Conservation Service will test your soil if you send them a sample. Call them and ask them to send the kit. I think it's under United State Soil conservation Service or something like that. It may be your county soil conservation service. it cost $15.
  10. Eek. i didn't read the whole thread. I thought you wanted your soil tested for gardening purposes. I am a bad multi-tasker.
  11. I deal with them all the time at work but I'm in Canada so that doesn't help you much....

    Good luck!!
  12. I don't know what specifically you're trying to do, but a few of my colleagues are horticulturalists and I'm sure i can get some suggestions :smile: You can PM me if you want.