Have you ever hired a clothing stylist?

  1. I'm just at the point that I look in my closet and feel like nothing matches anything.

    So I started looking around for someone to help me pull things together ~ to give me that edge.......

    What are your experiences? How expensive are stylists?

    Some of the girls from the higher end stores call me when they find things I might like but I'm really looking for someone to pull the whole entire image together.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. nope, but i happen to be a stylist my self :p

    i think u hav to start up with "basic things" you're comfortable with.
    find out the basic pants or jeans that really fits you, or skirts that flatters your body.
    also what tops that really suits your figure and body.
    after that, your collection can be build up from that.
  3. THis may sound weird but the Stylediary girl knows a lot of people in the fashion industry so she might be able to put you in the right direction?
  4. I personally have not but am really seriously considering it. I am pretty confident with my taste and style but really want to upgrade and get things to the next level, plus try things I wouldn't necessarily be inclined to that could work for me!
  5. Thanks for the feedback!!!!!

    That's my main problem. I go into a store and come out with the same stuff that's in my closet.

    I realized this a few weeks ago I went to Cache w/ a male friend of mine and he pulled a few pants from the rack for me to try on that he liked. And they looked hot!!! If it was just me in the store I would've never thought about trying them on.

    So I wore those pants out w/ my boyfriend and he complimented me that they looked really nice. His compliments are far and few between.

    So that's why I think I need some help. Some help to grab that shirt or jeans that I might just walk by.

    I think I have fair taste ~ but ready to take it up to the next level.

    And last year I lost about 30 pounds so I've been slowly cleaning out my closet with all kinds of sizes and finally settling into a size 4 but I think I still see myself big which is another thread in itself.
  6. I have several books written by stylists. From what I've gathered it seems to be pretty steep (like $100-200/hour). I can provide you with book recommendation if you want to go that route. I love reading style type books.

    Finer department stores like Nordstrom have free personal shoppers that can pull things for you. The problem is they are limited to one store and they have different levels of experience. If you go this route, I would try to find someone with similar coloring and body type to my own since they will have the most experience about what works.
  7. Next time when you are out shopping, push your boundaries. Try things you normally wouldn't, even things you *know* will look unattractive on you. You may be surprised!
  8. I actually find it very helpful to shop with people who have very different taste compared to mine every once in a while. They might help you look at things you normally wouldnt consider, like your friend already did with the pants.

    For instance, my younger sister is a lot braver and trendier, I guess, compared to myself, so when I go shopping with her, she makes me try all the latest colours and shapes etc. I'm not going to say I always end up buying stuff, but sometimes we need to be pushed a bit to actually try those news things out there!

    So if possible, go shopping with that male friend of yours or some other friend who's taste you like, more often. That might help and that is for free as well!

    When it comes to building a wardrobe, I also find a lot of those style books already mentioned very helpful. Some of them are very detailed, others just point out some basics, so there's plenty of different kinds of books to choose from. And, a book is definately a lot cheaper than hiring a stylist!