Have you ever heard of these shoes?

  1. Penni baby calf? They look like they would match the black satchel perfectly and there are what appears to be reputable sellers selling them on eBay but other than eBay I cannot find any info on them? If you have ever seen them at coach or own them I would love to know about it.

  2. They look really smokin hot!!! Love them!! I have seen many authentic coach shoes from that eBay seller .. can't say about these but I think they are auth..
  3. I bought them from another seller who also has a lot of Coach Shoes, some I have seen before others I have not. They seems great for summer. I posted them in the Auth This thread but considering it is shoes and not handbags I thought they would get seen more here. I really hope they are real as I need a summer black shoe! And I love the wooden heal.
  4. Never seen them before, very nice though.
  5. Kiari, I haven't seen those before but I have purchased from that seller and I had a great experience. BTW, those shoes are TDF! :nuts: