Have you ever heard of SCOTCHGUARD on a Chanel???

  1. Th Ultimate Soft I bought, the boutique put Scotchguard on it before I picked it up.... has anyone ever heard of this??? I would be scared silly to do it!
  2. Interesting, I've heard of some bags being treated before purchase but those are mostly cloth bags, not leather. I'm sure they treat it with something but I guess they must know what they're doing.
  3. I posted a thread about this a few weeks back, asking what people use or don't use to pre-treat their bags. I have never heard of scotchguarding a bag, but other PFers told me they use either apple guard or Vectra spray. I have not done either yet. All of my bags are caviar....but I am awaiting a distressed caviar in the mail....and figured that bag will have to be treated since it is softer.
  4. I have heard Vectra spray as well. Maybe they were using the term scotchguard as a generic one, instead of a brand -- I can't believe the store would spray scotchguard on leather.
  5. I have not heard of this. I have used lovinmybags products on some of my bags with great results. those products were recommended to me by the bbag gals.