Have you ever had your luggage searched?

  1. I had double A batteries in the box (lined up in a row) in my suitcase. Apparently they looked like bullets, so I had to open it up and let them see it was just batteries.
  2. Coming back from LA my brothers case had tape wrapped around it, which meant that they had opened it up and searched it for some reason lol he wasn't happy.
  3. Yep, I've had my luggage searched a few times. Once was because I had clothes hangers in there and they wanted to know exactly what else was in the suitcase and the other times were random
  4. Yes I had this happen to me too recently. On a return trip I always put all my dirty undies on top. Seriously. :p Hopefully that makes any 'inspection' of my luggage really quick, LMAO!!
  5. My dirty undies are usually with my checked luggage, but I had a very short trip one time, so I only had a carryon. Southwest was doing random checks then, and I got pulled aside. I leaned over and quietly told the guy searching my bag. We had a good laugh over it, and the search was quick.
  6. yes, my brother bought a toy gun :rolleyes: and he put it in our suitcase and then the security said to me "you have gun" I was like OMG haha !, then they searched everything before letting it go.
  7. once they took everything out of my coach purse - they found tampons! no idea what they thought they were on the x-ray machine...another time they searched my french luggage carry-on - said they thought the wand detected cocaine residue!! LOLOL.. i don't even drink much less do drugs...
  8. Yes, a few times, especially right after 9/11.
  9. I think I have a neon sign that says SEARCH ME...planted on my luggage...!!!!!......ROFL...I get nailed EVERYTIME.....be it my CHI straightener...or a tub of face powder....

    and anything that requires a passport has me tagged ....sigh...long story....!!LOL!
  10. Me too, Jill. My luggage always gets searched and once they broke my suitcase. I will never travel with LV luggage because of this!
  11. I was watching on the news the other day taht some of these security people @ the airports do not do their job right. Their supervisors tested them and put items in suitcases that looked like bombs, knives, and drugs, and when putting it thru the xray maching 9 times out of 10 it went thru and they didn't say anything..... makes you think....
  12. Yes, my backpack was searched once because I had a compass needle in it. They confiscated it, and rendered my compass useless.
  13. so far, not to my knowledge which is pretty amazing considering how often i fly :wtf: i do get stopped at security for my hand luggage all the time though.
  14. :wtf: That is really scary!!
  15. Lots of times. They are supposed to leave a notice that they've searched. what makes me mad is when they just shove stuff back in. Once I had packed a checked bag carefully to protect something I couldn't carry on. After searching, they placed it on top so any pressure would hit it; of course it broke. We filed a claim that was denied.