Have you ever had your BF/SO/Husband "try on" a bag for you?

  1. So the other day I was shopping, and I wanted to see how a bag woud look, I asked darling BF if he could sling it over his shoulder so I could check the bag out. He looked seriously frightened and like he was going to have me committed with good 'ol Britney. it's not like I was shaving my head off in the middle of Chanel.:p

    So I've learned darling BF will not have a second career as a purse model.

    So my question, have you ever had your SO/BF/Hubby model for you while shopping? And they comply?
  2. my bf would be too fixated on the price of the bag to model it!
  3. My husband might just so he could act silly but he is very anti-purse.
    You know sometimes you see guys holding their gal's purse for her- uh uh not him lol! He gives me his stuff to put in my bag as his personal storage compartment!
  4. I once had a guy friend model a bag for me (he actually offered), and what I learned is, if you want to keep yourself from buying a bag (bag too expensive, you're too broke, bag fabulous but could be long-lost twins with your other fabulous Chanel...), just have a guy try it on. The bag looked so awful/funny on him, I returned it to the shelf in a heartbeat!
  5. I've had SAs model it for me, but I never bring DH bag shopping because he'd veto everything.
  6. Oh noway! He would never do that!
  7. heavens no, he can't handle it. :rolleyes: :sweatdrop:
    when i ask him to hold my bag for seconds for me, he holds it out away from his body in this very peculiar stance as if my lovely bag has cooties...he looks ridiculous and in pain...shhhh...sometimes i make him hold it just to see him reenact this pose bc it is beyond hysterical to me....:roflmfao:
  8. ^^^ITA !!!!!!
    I don't even let him go into Chanel with me !:wtf:
  9. Never. My DH would never try on a bag - severe violation of "man rules."
  10. my fiance would not entertain that idea for one sec...when i ask him to hold my bag, he already seems so uncomfortable, i alwasy bug him by asking him to put it over his shoulder, he in turn gives me the death stare.
  11. My husband will reluctantly model a bag, but he always looks so awkward I can't get a clear idea of how the bag actually looks. Still, I always ask him to model because it's kind of fun to watch him squirm!
  12. Nah, it'll just make me not wanting the bag. But I don't mind if they "pay" the bag;)
  13. LOL Lacey...I can just imagine the look of sheer terror that crossed his face as he stood frozen in fear, paralyzed with the terribly alarming thought that he might have to *GASP* put a PURSE on his SHOULDER in PUBLIC!!

    ...did he do it?? :graucho:
  14. Haha...he looked at me like I had just asked him to try on women's underwear and dance around. So the short answer is no, but he did make a request that I buy a purse big enough to hold his sunglasses, wallet and keys. So I guess that was his "idea" of participating.
  15. no way!
    could risk him looking at the price tag