Have you ever had to return something twice?

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  1. I had to return one bag do to a bleeding issue so when I switched to a different style bag I just made sure that the new lining wouldn't bleed. On the way home I noticed it had some glue on the unside of the handles and we were already more than an hour away from lV so I gently rubbed the glue off. Yesterday I wanted to use the bag and noticed the brown leather patches under each handle were stitched rather roughly and the leather patches themselves are slightly warped. I compared it to my other speedys and my Alma in Damier none of them look like this. It's not terribly noticable but it is bugging me . What should I do? sorry about the long rant.
  2. I would call at the store and send the bag back!
  3. Thanks , my husband said he would return it for me today as he has to go in that direction today. I just hate returning things. I think long and hard before I buy something so that I won't have the regrets some people have when they make an impulse buy.
  4. Yes it's really disagreeable to return things! I hate this too! I hope your problem will come off. Good luck!
  5. I personally think that if you are not completely in LVoe with what you got that you should return it or exchange it. That is why there is a 14 day policy. It is your right, and even though the SA may frown at you, it's your money and you should choose how you spend it. I guess, I have my own quality control standards for expensive stuff. Most of the time LV meets it, but there are the rare items that it doesn't. So goodluck and hope you find the right bag for you.
  6. Yes.

    My first pair of Obsession sunnies, the arms were coming loose so I had to exchange them for another pair.
    The second pair was off and didn't sit level on my face so it always felt like I was wearing a pair of crooked sunglasses.
    My third pair, the one I have now, is perfect :biggrin:
  7. how annoying. I would return again. LV should check the bags before they leave the store.
  8. I do not understand for this kind of expensive bags, how come LV is not inspected careful and thoroughly before released them.
  9. I have but only due to defective issues. If I were you, I would exchange it for a better one. When I did my exchange with a different SA, I was given the "attitude." She said that stains, wavy seams and zipper are natural and not defects. I exchanged for a bag that was 2x as much and when I got home, I noticed the bag she wrapped was the display one and the seams were very wavy. Yup, I hit the roof and got the nerve to call the original SA that sold me the bag. He made it right and I came home with a perfect bag only that it was now 3x as much. You should always be happy with your purchase.
  10. i returned my green hamptons coach bag twice. once it was shipped to my house and then i exchanged it at a store and then exchanged it again the next day, all because both bags were wrinkled and stained. the first one didn't even have a tag on it and looked used. it was such an ordeal, and it kinda turned me off of coach.
  11. Thanks everyone for your good thoughts and suggestions. I was getting very frustrasted with this. my husband called and said he got credited back for me ,but when I asked if he had the original receipt he said he thinks they kept it. I hope he's wrong because that receipt also has another bag which I kept on it.But at least I will get my money back. I really like my Lv bags so it won't stop me from getting more,but I will make sure I check them out more thoughly
  12. Yes I returned my white MC min HL Sac both times for bleeding issues. In the end I used my store credit towards a Damier Speedy 25- best choice I ever made!