Have you ever had to purchase a product from a store because you broke it?

  1. Recently I was shopping in a small specialty store and a man was making a purchase. He told the cashier that his daughter had broken an ornament that he would pay for. The cashier (might have been the owner) thanked the man several times for being honest and didn't charge the man full price for the ornament. After he left the store, I heard her say that someone notifying them when something is broken rarely happens.
  2. Errr....okay, this is a soft topic for me.....LOL....caz I break A LOT OF STUFF. When I would go into the Disney store in the mall, they would have all of these snowglobes, and I broke one on one occasion, and broke another the next time I was there. Needless to say I don't go near anything breakable anymore. Anyway, on both occasions, I told the cashiers, and told them I was sorry and would pay for them, and they said not to worry about it. So I dunno...probably because the store was a specialty store the man actually paid for what he broke. The Disney store is a big chain store, so they probably don't care about what you break. Maybe?
  3. Not recently but as a kid I remember grocery shopping with my grandma and trying to carry a big jar of pickles that I wanted her to buy for us and dropped them. Big cleanup on aisle 3 or whatever, ha ha. So I'm sure she had to pay for those...whoops.
  4. hmm. i was with my nephew one time (he was 3 at the time) and he broke something in a toy store (like, a car or something)...i offered to pay for it because it was inexpensive and i was told that it wasn't a big deal, so i didn't. (this was at toys r us, so maybe that was why? god knows stuff has to get broken there a lot).

    but, honestly. i would say it depends on the price. lol. i'll pay for cheapo stuff, but more expensive stuff, i'm probably more likely to whistle and walk away.

    though once i was looking for a pair of heels at target (don't laugh), and the heel broke...and i just walked away. :sweatdrop:
  5. Don't you have insurancance against mishaps like that, I wonder? In Germany, almost everyone is insured against that (it's not expensive), so when that happens, the shop gives you an invoice for breakage, and you get the money back. I know, we are no risk-takers ...
  6. No, because the stores usually write an item off if it's been broken. I broke one of the big Yankee Candles when I was Christmas Shopping, and was not asked to pay for it. I was just told to get another...I was so embarrassed :sad: