have you ever had to get ghetto for a bag?

  1. Ok so i really wanted a red epi speedy with gold hardware and called customer service to locate one for me. They found one:yahoo: and so i was jumping around the boca raton boutique like a mad woman. it just happened to be the last one in the country:sweatdrop: . So the problem was i needed to have the bag transfered in to my local boutique so i can use my store credit to buy it. I called that boutique from the boca raton boutique to give my info and the SA i was told had my bag was like

    SA: "um we have a problem"
    ME: "what kind of problem"
    SA: "so um right after customer service called me i found the bag but got sidetracked and did not put the bag on hold right away and a few minutes later someone else called for that same bag and another SA found the one i brought out and that other customer is on her way to pick it up"
    ME: "what the F**K. are you serious"
    SA: "I'm really sorry mam is there another bag you would be interested in the one's with the silver hardware are really nice too"
    ME: "sorry for what? I dont care if she is on her way from jupiter i called for the bag first so its mine:mad: ."
    SA: "I have to go talk to my manager i will give you a call back"
    ME: :rant:

    So im talking to the SA's at the boca raton boutique and telling them what happened and they said well their manager is not going to want to transfer the bag especially if the have a customer there willing to buy it because they are losing the sale:wtf: . This sends me into a panic so i start frantically calling that other boutique. I ask for "Tommie" the SA that was helping me and am like

    ME: "What's going on? Where are we at?"
    SA: "I'm still talking to my manager i'm trying hard to fight for you because i know that i took your call first"
    ME: "Listen i am trying my best to remain rational but i need that bag and it will not be funny if i don't get it:mad: "
    SA: "please mam calm down"
    ME: "didn't i just say i'm trying to remain calm?"
    SA: "hold on"
    SA: "ok i'm back. i just finished talking to my manager and you can send in your store credit and we will ship the bag to you."
    ME: "ok thats fine"
    So after my whole ordeal i got my bag:yahoo: . You should have seen me in the boca raton boutique i was like a mad woman. My bf was like "babe you got all "oh hell no" complete with the snapping fingers and the head bobbing":p and i'm like "oh hell yes". Call me ghetto but sometimes i think its necessary because its gets your point accross. if i had not gotten irrate in that boutique they would have sold the bag to the other girl because the SA was saying sorry as if i had already lost the bag.
  2. Wow, exciting story! I prefer the gold hardware as well. so glad you got YOUR bag!
  3. nice!!
  4. meela--you weave a colorful tale...i'm so glad it worked out for you.:yes:
    enjoy your speedy!:yahoo:
  5. Good for you!
  6. ME: "Listen i am trying my best to remain rational but i need that bag and it will not be funny if i don't get it:mad: "
    SA: "please mam calm down"
  7. Congrats! Let's see pics soon as you get it!
  8. I love what your boyfriend was saying about you...that is too funny! I'm so glad to hear you got your bag after all!! Make sure you post pics girlfriend!!! :smile:

  9. it was soooo cute he was even imitating me and the way i was jumping around the store. you guys needed to see him it really craked me up:lol:
  10. I personally think my dignity is more important than any bag, but I do understand your frustration. Congrats on getting the bag.

  11. in no way did i lose any dignity by that encounter. care to elaborate:shrugs: ? because i'm a bit confused
  12. I don't think you ever need to get "ghetto" to get your point across as an upset customer. Sometimes, the more calm you are, the more they'll do for you. In any case, it's nice that you got your bag - they should have held it for you all along.
  13. funny story! :smile:
  14. great story- glad you got your bag!
  15. You know that old saying "its the squeaky wheel that gets oiled"?
    I'm glad you did what you did, meela, because now you have your bag!!