Have you ever had this happen to you?

  1. Ok, I admit I don't sell much on eBay, but I am just shaking my head over what this buyer just did to me.

    I listed a gold bracelet and put the postage calculator on the listing and indicated it would ship priority mail insured as per the ad. I send the invoice and then get payment, but the payment was reduced by $4.00 as a "seller discount." I e-mailed the buyer, and she replied that she recalculated my invoice because my charges were wrong (she somehow came up with different figures for insurance and postage) and then she sent payment.

    I already shipped the item earlier today and the $4.00 is not a big deal, but just have to wonder about this person. Why bid if you disagree with the shipping rate on the postage calculator? Who changes an invoice without even contacting the seller?

    This is not a big deal and sorry to vent, but I just don't get people. I would never dream of giving myself a discount without first contacting the seller.

    She is probably going to be a pain once she gets the item, but she had already paid so I couldn't refuse to sell to her.
  2. I think she was wrong to change it without discussing it with you first. If all buyers were allowed to determine their own shipping, it would probably be for free. How would she feel if it was the other way around? Some people have a lot of nerve and you're probably right.....she will be a PITA.
  3. I believe you can go to your preferences and check a box where it will not allow buyers to make any adjustments on the invoice page.
  4. I had no idea the buyer could change anything about the shipping. Were you still able to ship it without losing money from your earnings? Seems like she found a loophole she shouldn't have been able to access.
  5. That's really annoying!
    The other day I sent a buyer an invoice which I stated included the combined shipping for a total of $3.50 for shipping (one item would have been $3 to ship). Then I get an email from them awhile later asking if it was possible to combine shipping. :confused1:
  6. You can go into your "my eBay" and there is an option to not allow buyers to change anything on the invoice. I have had this happen a time or 2 before and I always email them before I ship telling them they owe me X amount before I can mail the item. They usually just fork up :noggin:
  7. Oh, shoot--it's like you are being punished for being such a great seller and shipping the item out right away! At least you'll have good karma for being such a sweetheart!

    I'd block her so she can't do that to you again! That's just not right!
  8. I had a buyer do that to me once, so I changed my settings where they can't adjust the invoice. Sometimes they don't want insurance or signature confirmation, but that protects me as a seller as well. ;)