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  1. So, my boyfriend and I have been looking for a birthday purse for me for a couple days. He finally finds the Campana in Magnolia, which I love. We call around and discover that the only one in the company at BV sold YESTERDAY in Atlantic City. :cursing::crybaby:

    I've called our SAs at NM and Saks to see if they can locate it.. but.. I am not hopeful.
  2. Good luck with finding your bag I hope you get it. I know the SA's at NM and Saks will do their best to find it for you. This is why we need a BV boutique in the DC Metro area.
  3. Grrr that must be so extremely frustrating for you!!!! Just remember, if you're meant to have the bag, you will find it. If not, It's not the bag for you. (That's how I look at things anyway;))
  4. I am in the same boat, except I am looking for a campana in limo-only one available and it's on hold. Good luck in your hunt.
  5. Good luck to all you ladies in your respective hunts!

    I hope to find the Campana but I'm not holding my breath. My last bastion of hope was the marketplace here but applications have been closed and I don't have enough posts anyways. :sad:
  6. Oh dear...

    I feel both your pain. Don't give up! Have either of you tried the personal shopper on the BV website? Maybe that's worth a try :shrugs:
  7. keep hunting, sometimes they just suddenly turn up!!!!
  8. Yes - keep hunting - I know how frustrating it can be though - good luck!:smile:
  9. oh dervilfal, i can sooooo feel what you`re going through! i´m hunting a classic tote in noce (its code is 162943 and it`s partially intrecciato, partly cuoio) and my sa in hamburg told me, it`s sold out worldwide!

    now i found one on bluefly, it was even on memorial day sale for only 1080 USD, but the only country they ship to in europe is switzerland! i`m so devastated!
  10. Oh C_24 I feel your pain! Saks and NM are unable to find the bag and apparently didn't purchase any BV in the magnolia color this year anyways....their loss! My wonderful man is having Bergdorfs try and locate one, and I am going to try the personal shopper on the BV website.

    I guess if it wasn't meant to be I'll keep searching for a good summer purse.

    And we really do need a BV store in the DC area - I am frankly surprised they haven't opened on in Mazza or Tysons II
  11. C_24 - Feeling your pain here, too. When I moved from the U.S. to Canada, I had to deal with some retailers who wouldn't ship to my location. I almost signed up with myus.com, which you might want to look into. They supply a U.S. mailing address, and will forward your stuff anywhere in the world. We ended up moving to a location right near the border, so I maintain a U.S. mailing address in WA and drive across when necessary. But I'd be using My U.S. if we'd stayed in Calgary! HTH
  12. C_24 , its soo awful when you cant get hold of your ideal bag. Europe certainly seems to be a bit behind the USA when it comes to BV.
    I am so envious of our cousins across the pond. i am sure one day you will get the bag of dreams.
    have you considered moving to Switzerland????? Have you asked your nearest BV store if they can get hold of it for you?
  13. D,
    call Ana the personal shopper from BV website. She should be able to help you.
  14. bete_noire, thanx for letting us know about myspace.com. i never knew there was such a service. it would certainly be helpful sometimes
  15. raz, my pleasure. Please note that it's myus.com and not myspace! that would take you somewhere entirely unhelpful in this case. lol