have you ever had the seller escalate to a claim?

  1. ok, so I posted my silly new fake situation re a celine wallet in another thread - long story short: seller got it from another ebayer and never thought it might be fake.... that aside she stated it would be canvas, which it is NOT - it is some kind of poly-wool and it also has a glue stain. the other ebayer is NARU, and I told my seller that i would accept even refund - restocking fee of 10% because she sold it with good intention. she never got back, only once saying she emailed eBay and to be patient.... :confused1:

    I opened a dispute saying that it wasn't canvas, had a glue stain and probably was a fake. then I sent her a message through paypal saying that I would appreciate a response - well she obviously got advice either from paypal, eBay or a forum (fair enough) and this mornign I saw that SHE escalated to a claim... now, I was going to do that anyway, in which case she did me a favour BUT

    how does that work? did any sellers ever escalate? when it came to ticking the boxes I only ticked that it wasn't the material stated (canvas) and that it had a stain but when I left a message I included that I questioned authenticity.

    I wonder what options the seller had - i.e. when they open a claim do they automatically reject what I am disputing? I am pretty sure she was advised to open the claim so that the ball would be in my court ;).

    I also wonder how they will determine what kind of material the wallet is?? this is just silly again - why do I not learn? I can't say I am fed up with eBay at all but just with my silly self.... I should know better by now :rolleyes:. (BTW we are not talking A LOT of money but enough for me to be annoyed)
  2. I bought a coat which, when it arrived, looked like the seller had been drunk and fallen down in it--all scraped up--and not because it was supposed to be distressed. She maintained there was nothing wrong with it when I emailed her and I filed with PayPal (a dispute) and she escalated it to a claim. I thought this was odd at the time too, but I guess it's a seller's way of saying that she/he doesn't want to make a refund and let PayPal decide. I won the claim and got my refund. She relisted the coat and totally trashed me in her listing (which I thought was amusing). Inexplicably, she sold the coat, although I noticed the buyer didn't leave feedback. She made that sale private (unlike her previous and typical sale)--I guess because she was afraid I would contact any new buyer. I had bought two jackets before from her with no incident and after this--well--certainly not someone I would ever deal with again.
  3. ^ thanks! well, I just read the message she left with paypal - and she basically worries that I stained the wallet myself, which is understandable, but not true. she also said that she never told me the item was authentic - ehm, hello, this is a given! anyway, I told her that the item is not what she listed - neither authentic IMO, but definitely NOT canvas. she also stated that she opened a claim with her NARU seller and if she gets the refund I will get the refund.... hm.... not sure whether this is my concern but hey we will see.
  4. Well yes of course it is a given! If it is a fake its against Ebay rules. Make sure you give all the info you have about your side of the story and save/flag any emails you have from her. She could make up complete lies about her side, but I've heard that usually Paypal is on the side of the buyer. You may be required to send them info/pics. Good luck!
  5. so we had some email conversation back and forth as she told me that it was ridiculous to have an issue with the wallet not being canvas - how would I know anyway, and that anyone selling Gucci items also stated it was canvas and there never was a problem.????? I don't know gucci so maybe someone can clue me in? do they do canvas or not? I told her I knew Canvas from LV so that it wasnt that.

    also, I talked to paypal and they told me they never recommend the seller to escalate (in their system it shows as the buyer escalating so called to ask why - they say in 95% of cases buyers escalate so the system 'assumes').... so she didn't get any advice I guess. oh well, we will see.
  6. She did it so it can be decided earlier. Her PP funds were probably frozen (she can't access the amt of your purchase). If you claimed it was a fake, PP is going to give you a 10 day window to get it authenticated. That's another reason she may have escalated it. It's hard to get an authentication within 10 days. Did you file the dispute selecting damaged? or fake?
  7. not as described because material not as stated and damaged bec of the glue - you can actually tick more than one box. she said it was canvas which it definitely is not. in the explanation i also stated that I thought it was probably fake but the primary reason is that it wasn't the material she stated it was - which frankly bothers me even if it is authentic, as well as the glue spot. the smell of the wallet is awful and it is lined in plastic but that is another matter.

    anyway, they may ask for authentication but it wasn't the primary reason I opened the claim, so we will see. she said that she just prefers paypal to be the judge in the situation, be it me or her winning the claim, which is why she escalated...
  8. OK, now it's a battle of words. Good luck. I have had bad luck with SNADS as a buyer.
  10. Sorry, this may have already been said but - you should state somewhere in your correspondence with Paypal that although the auction did not state the wallet was Authentic you understood that it would be because eBay do not allow the sale of Fakes. It might help your case because they nearly always find in favour of the buyer where authenticity is concerned because of the legality.
  11. In terms of the Gucci canvas.. was it more like a cloth, they have suede, a canvas that is similar to the damier on LV, but less bumpy, but they have non cloth exteriors...

    I as a seller have escalated disputes to a claim, because my buyer was soooo nutty and not all there in the brain. All in all, the claim was awarded in my favor because she could never prove to paypal that she shipped the item back to me.
  12. yea. i still won.
  13. Lara, good luck with your claim. :tup:. Some sellers are deadbeats.