Have you ever had problem with Saks EGC event gift cards?

  1. During the last EGC event, I purchased a satin timeless clutch, bordeaux gst and medium logo earrings. The total def. went over $3000, which means I was to get $450 in gift cards right? Kepp in mind that all items were ordered from the same SA at Saks NYC. The SA sent me the earrings and clutch from the nyc store and had the gst shipped from St. Louis. I received a $150 GC from St. Louis and $50 from NYC. I undertand that the items came from 2 different stores but ultimately, my EGC event purchases totaled over $3k. Tried calling my SA but they never answer the phone. What should I do? has anyone ever have this happen to them? I have no time to deal with this and it's very frustrating trying to resolve it. :cursing:
  2. I truly believe that because you purchased from two different stores you didnt qualify for the $450. Now if you purchased all the items from one SA/store you would qualify for the $450. Hopefully another PFER can offer some reasoning if I'm incorrect.

  3. I've ordered 2 items from the same SA where she tracked one item from another store and I got the correct EGC gift card. You have to talk to your SA.
  4. if you ordered them from the same store then you should get them. becasue your SA probably did a locator for you....so its all still on one receipt right?

    I would call them for clarification. but make sure yu talk to someone who has the power to do something about it...like a manager
  5. I remember now, my SA faxed the receipt of what she rung up for me to the other store, the other store took the two receipts of the two items and combined them and gave me one EGC and they sent it along with the bag. Since you purchased everthing from one SA, she is responsible to get you the correct EGC gift card. Definitely call her back and if she says it's too late, talk to the manager.
  6. Me too. My SA made sure I got the right amount on my EGC, although she had my two items sent from other Saks seperately, and another one from herself. But she gave me $450, and I did not receive any EGC from the other saks. I guess my SA probably communicated with theose two Saks to reach this agreement.
  7. I know that they are supposed to total up your spendings from the day to get your proper GC amount. Definitely talk to a manager or your SA, they owe you some free moolah!
  8. that's wierd! you are definately owed the $450!
  9. I have had a problem... during the last one my associate rang up a couple different transactions and said I can get more than one that way. So, I had a couple $3K transactions. Well, I got in trouble with management and the SA SOLD ME OUT. I got a letter from upper management and everything. Said that they will be watching my account now. I was soooo upset that in a split second that SA turned her back to save her job. Now I have to be careful with my account because of her. Guess I can't blame her.. but it WAS her idea to try to cheat the system - who could say no to an extra $450!
  10. Finally got through to my SA and she said I was supposed to get the $450 and that she didn't know why they screwed up. It happened to another customer of hers too. So now I am waiting for her to get to the bottom of this.
  11. That's terrible!:push:
  12. I don't understand? How would that get you into trouble with management? And will they be watching your Saks account vs. non Saks account?

    I think many of us do this.. You could go to different Saks and get more giftcards if you meet the $3000 to get a GC. Are you supposed to be limited to ONE $450 GC total for the entire event now matter how many Saks stores you shop at or how much you buy?

    This sounds so strange to me as I assume Saks do this to encourage spending. Why would they threaten you with "watching your account"? Of course, if you return the items, it'd make sense for them to expect the GCs back. Otherwise, I'd raise hell if they give me any grief.
  13. EXACTLY! Thanks for the encouragement... I will be writing a letter to corporate with my dissatisfaction and crossing the street to Neiman Marcus more often. The hard part is that the points on the Saks card are soooo good!

    I asked the manager about the fact that I could shop at different saks stores and get more than one card. I was told that its against the spirit of the event? Well, than? What is the spirit? To encourage customer to come in and spend no more than $3,000? Their markups are so high it doesn't matter. I think they are mad because I cleared out all the nice shoes on sale!

    I guarantee you that if I had purchased all regular price merchandise, they wouldn't have said a thing.