Have you ever had one of those moments?

  1. Have you ever had one of those occasions when someone said or did something to hurt your feelings, make you mad, or just downright annoy you, and you were just at a lost for words? Usually you think of the snappy comeback 24 hours later while in the shower. Invariably the witty retort is a gem and you are left with the knowledge that you are capable of the speaking in these awkward situations but will never get the chance to speak your mind to the offender.

    Well today I had a small victory in this category. I dropped the kids of at camp and began the mad rush to get all my errands done in the three hours they are there. I zoom in Kmart to buy a vacuum cleaner belt and miraculously find the one I need. I return to my car (mini van) only to find another crappy old van has parked at an angle right next to me. I am not exaggerating the rear end of this van was a mere 6 inches from mine. Needless to say I had to walk around to the front of my car and squeeze in to my driver side (seriously, there was definitely rubbing!). Now I can’t pull forward because there is a light post in my way and I am afraid to pull back because he is so close. After cursing a few times and seeing my precious three hours slipping away I suck in my breath and start to pull out. Thankfully my car has a back up camera and sonar warning bells but it wasn’t easy.

    Now I agree this is not the end of the world or starvation in Africa but just an inconvenience to be endured but I just felt compelled to leave a note. Yeah, yeah, I know passive aggressive but gosh it made me feel better. I said:

    “Thank you for parking your van so close to mine. Without your inconsiderateness I would have never been able to confirm that my diet is working! Geez!”

    Has anyone else had the opportunity to say something perfect at the perfect time?
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA that is awesome!!!!

    Last night I was playing beach v-ball with some friends and one of the girls was just being really catty. I said something like "Well I'm not great at this sport because my hands and wrists are frail" And the girl said "Yeaaahh that is what I think when I think of you- Frail Megs" I got so pissed off that I made PERFECT remarks back to her the ENTIRE game (I just can't remember what right now!!!!)
  3. :lol: That's funny pdonnadurk.

    *By the way, you are a very talented writer and story teller!
  4. Funny story! Thanks for making me laugh!!


    PS I would have just keyed the car, but thats just me :smile:
  5. Fab story, I'm glad you left a note !

    My roommate did the same thing to a car parked outside of her house, right in front of a fire hydrant. Her note was something like "Please don't park in front of the hydrant, just in case our house catches on fire" and there was a picture she drew of her house on fire and people running around on fire. :biggrin:

    And Selena.. I think I would have done the same. :angel:
  6. I love it!! You should send that one in to Reader's Digest "Laughter is the Best Medicine"!
  7. :greengrin: A few months after I got my license, I had gotten a note from someone who was obviously unhappy of my parking skills, too! The note said: "Nice parking you jerk!" I was young then... ehehehe rest assured I'm much better at it now.
  8. My bro-in-law...He said to me "I tried calling your cell phone, H, C, C, and M's cell phone trying to get the address. NONE of your family answers their cell phone!"

    :censor: :mad: I replied, "Coz NONE of us is tied to our cell phone like YOU ARE!!!!"

    It felt good:roflmfao: :yahoo:
  9. LOL your parking horror story reminds me of what happened to myself and my fiancee, Tim...we were going to lunch at Paradise Bakery...the ONLY spot in the whole parking lot was this one next to an older Cadillac/geezer mobile:lol: . Of course, it was parked totally into our spot at a diagonal...if we were in my car, I would have just waited for a spot to open up. However, we had taken his "play truck", a '68 Chevy (which he and his friends are still working on, so it is still primer gray...no paint damage to worry about!) so he squeezed into the spot, and then pulled over so close to the other car's passenger side door that you could not even open is 2 inches! Tim crawled out my way and we went inside to eat, making sure to get a table by the window so we could see what happened. Sure enough, they came out a little while later, and it was SOOOOO funny to watch this group of 3 or 4 50+ year old people figure out what the #)$&*R*$*($^ to do...LOL I know we were immature but we felt that they needed to be taught a lesson...:roflmfao:
  10. When I was pregnant with my son I worked for Circuit City, I was 23 but I look like I'm 15 (when people come to the door here they ask for my mom) And some woman in her 50's who I was helping said " aren't you a little young to be pregnant?" She was wearing a leapord miniskirt and stilettos so I said " aren't you a little old to be dressing like that?" I think she was at a loss for words. She just left. Another time a man came in and just looked at me and said " well I can see why you are stuck working here" At that point I was at a loss because I hate it when people prejudge. I was so upset but little did he know I had no need to be working there, or working at all for that matter.
  11. Your note is priceless!:P There have been so many times when I should have said or done something but was taken by surprise and did or said nothing. I have to work on this.:yes:
  12. Hahaha that's awesome. I actually laughed outloud at that one. :lol:
  13. rock on!!