Have you ever had creepy people knock on your door in the middle of the night?

  1. lostnexposed, that is creepy!! how long ago was that??? i wonder if they were just coming to your house for an excuse to talk to you?

    also, something that creeps me out (this is kind of off topic) is that i have HEARD that burglars will go through open houses of houses for sale just so they can get a feel for the home. then they come back later and steal everything! one time i was sleeping at a friend's house and during the day a random couple came to her home and said they had seen that it was for sale in the paper. well it WASN'T for sale, and it WASN'T in the paper! so the couple obviously just wanted to look around the house. my friend's mother was kind of vain and kept their home in tip top condition, so she was happy to let this random couple in and give them a tour...later that night i slept over at my friend's and she told me the story. we creeped ourselves out into thinking the couple was going to come in the night and break in! of course they didn't....but it still creeps me out!
  2. This whole thread freaks me out. It's why I never want to live in a secluded house. >_<

    Once, when I was living in a single dorm room with no suitemate except for the girls on the other side of the bathroom, someone started BANGING on my door at like 2am. Of course there's no way in hell I'm answering in the middle of the night. They keep it up for like 10 minutes before stopping. Then at around 3am, it starts again! They keep banging on the outside door and I was never so happy to have 2 doors between me and the hallway. Needless to say, I didn't get very much sleep that night.

    It turns out it was the autistic kid who lived next door. He was looking for my suitemate who had moved out WEEKS ago. UGH. Not the first stupid stunt he pulled. It was completely inappropriate for him to be living in the dorms in the first place.
  3. I try to document everything unlawful that I see and have no problem pointing you to your face that I saw what you did. Thank God none of your family members were injured.

    If he were white, would you have said, this white guy... or just some guy. Just curious.
  4. OMG. Glad you did not open the door.
  5. A pair of eyes, that is creepy scary.
  6. :wtf:oh my gosh:wtf:, that's creeepy! i am always afraid of people doing that to me. i look and look hoping there's always nobody there. and thank goodness there is not.... err...and you said "a pair of eyes". gahhhhshh!
  7. omg, BUMP because this thread is full of true scares.
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    In college of my freshman year, I shared a bedroom with 4 other girls. We always locked the door before going to sleep, but one night, I think it didn't lock properly or someone left and came back and forgot to lock it again.

    It was around 2 or 3 am when the door opened and closed. I thought it was my roommate going to the bathroom. Suddenly, I heard giggling and felt something touching me. Soon, that something was trying to climb into bed with me. I bolted right out of bed, scared to death, and opened my eyes to a figure in the dark right next to me. I pushed "it" off and "it" fell off and giggled, then tried to climb into my other roommate's bed. By then the others woke up, turned on the lights and realized there's a strange, drunk girl in our room in the middle of the night. We asked her who the heck she was and why she was here. She demanded that this was her friend's room and she's here to sleep. We led her back out to where she belonged and made sure to lock the door--for always after that. That was the scariest thing that happened in dorm besides awaking to a centipede right next to me.

    Oh, I really wanna see The Stepfather!
  9. This is why I always answer the door with a shotgun tucked casually under my arm. You may think I'm kidding but I'm not. I am home alone during the day and I live in a very rural area. If someone is knocking so loud and so long that I wake up, I am already pissed. I have been known to jerk the door open and snarl "WTF do you want??!!", shotgun in hand. (I have also been known to have to apologize profusely, lol). Frankly I thought that movie--The Strangers--was pretty lame. Those people were born victims, they should've taken the offensive immediately.
  10. i vaguely remember this from when i was very young, maybe 6-7. my family and i were getting ready to go to bed and then there was a loud and frantic knocking on the front door and a lady screaming for help. my dad lookked out the window and saw her shadow on the porch, he didn't open the door, we had no idea who she was. she left after a few moments. sadly the next day the cops found a woman's body in a field down the street from us...we assumed that it was the lady knocking on the door, but we were never sure.
  11. With this, I would feel safe too! :btdh:
  12. Not only would I not answer the door, I wouldn't even check to see who it was. If anyone I knew, or cared about needed me in the middle of the night, they could call me! :nogood::nogood::nogood:

  13. I always wonder what I would do in a situation like this. If somebody truly needed help I would want to help but at the same time you never really know especially if you don't know them.
  14. glad to say, nope never
  15. I've never had strange people late at night on my stoop, but a few times last year some of the neighborhood teens got it in their minds to go around ringing doorbells and knock loudly on doors at around 12:30 AM. They picked ours a few times which was very annoying. My DH and I own a lot of home protection items, so the next time it happened, he ran down as fast as he could with his shotgun and made that cool "chunk chunk" sound with the bolt action on the front porch.

    We never had kids pull a prank on us again. :biggrin:

    And always as a precaution, if I don't know the person, I NEVER answer the door if I'm by myself.