Have you ever had creepy people knock on your door in the middle of the night?

  1. I wouldnt necessarily call them creepy just weird but anyway..

    I was home alone one night, it was around 9pm or so. Anyhow I could hear someone outside the door and as I was walking to the door I could see andhear the mail flap being lifted. I literally jumped and hid behind the wall, the good thing about the flap is that there are two one of the outside and one on the inside. Its hard to lift the inside flap high enough to look around into the apartment rather you can just look down. I did go to the door as soon as it closed and looked out the peep hole but i saw no one. Needless to say when my dad found out he was mad and asked the porters and everyone who worked in the building about it. I still dont know who it was or what they wanted.

    Another time same appartment. It was late around 2 am or so and I was in bed. I hear someone banging on the door and ringing the doorbell. I get up and go to my brother who is fast asleep and tell him someone is at the door. He opens the door and this completely drunk guy is trying to force his way in. My brother throws him out and he says no no I just need your window. We're like what? He's like I need your window to get to my appt. My brother tells him to go away and closes the door. Quiet for about 5 mins and its starts again. He opens the door and is like WHAT DO YOU WANT. He's like I live next door I need your window to get onto my balcony. (YES, he wanted to jump from our window onto his balcony-which would be quite a jump at that!) we say no, we dont know who you are now leave. He refused to leave so my brother took him downstairs to the porter, who does verify he lives next door with his mother. He rings the mother up and she says he is drunk, and late and ive locked him -kick him out. So that is what he does. I went back to bed and was asleep for about an hour or so before I hear something outside so I get up and go to the window and this guy is trying to climb the tree!!! The next thing I saw was the porter grabbing him off the tree and telling him to leave. It was so bizarre. I never saw him or his mother after that and I assumed they moved shortly after because or new neighbors are a lovely dutch couple.
  2. I have a funny one...
    DH and I get up early for work, a bit before 5, and we had just gotten out of the shower and put our uniforms on, and someone knocked at the door. So DH went to open it and some random drunk dude was standing there, and he goes 'hey man, I'm here for the party...' we were like....wow man, it's like oh-dark-thirty, you rock!!!!! hahahahhah, we told him that we were on our way to work and he was like 'oh, so there's no party here?' "no...just in our pants" and he said FFFFFFF*CK!!!!!! I WAS SUPPOSED TO GET LAID HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dunno whatever happened with that, but we wished him well and went to work.
  3. ^^That's really funny!

    I would never answer the door if someone was knocking late at night unless I had one of those chain locks on my door and a loaded gun in my hand!
  4. Some of this stories are creepy/scary/a bit funny. You all seemed to have handled them well.

    My husband and I lived on the 3rd floor of a building. Only two apartments on this floor. One night someone banged on the door loudly and yelling and our first reaction is who the hell is at our door. It was some drunk woman who wanted the apartment down the hall.
  5. thanks goodness i have no stories like this!
    that movie looks too freaky and i like scary movies!
    candace~~lol to party in your pants!!
  6. I have a really creepy story. Last summer, right after I graduated from college, I took a teaching job (just for a few weeks) in my college town. I subletted a basement room from a girl who lived in a house with a bunch of guys. I had a separate entrance and luckily, the little bedroom door locked. But, the guys who lived in the actual house could come down to my area if they wanted to (there was no barrier), but they never did. They seemed like totally nice guys, even though I only bumped into one of them once when he was doing his laundry.

    However, I was constantly scared because during the time I was living there, there was a rapist on the loose -- he had broken into an apartment and beaten/raped a girl who lived a few blocks away from me. Because of that, I refused to leave my little basement room past dark and always kept the door locked to my bedroom (even during the afternoons!).

    One night, I kid you not, I woke up to someone JIGGLING MY BEDROOM DOOR HANDLE. I almost passed out, and curled up in a ball in the corner with my cell phone at the ready in case I had to call someone for help (I didn't want to make any noise). Eventually, the jiggling went away.

    Now, I'm not sure if it was the rapist or just my imagination (I actually KNOW it wasn't my imagination!), but when the rapist was caught, the news stories I read said that he had never forced his way into a building to attack someone, he used to just try door handles until he found an unlocked one! Also -- he ended up living TWO DOORS AWAY FROM ME!

    I found all of that out a few months after I had moved away for good, when he was caught, and I got chills all up and down my spine. Terrifying!
  7. This happened ages ago. Hubby and I came to visit my parents and in laws for Christmas vacation. We brought my best friend who never saw snow before. We were at my in laws home which was located down a hill (last house) and surrounded by woods in the side and back yard. My mother in law, friend and I were sitting in the living room watching TV about 1:00 in the morning. All of a sudden we hear foot steps walking up the wooden front steps. We kind of all froze and looked at each other too terrified to move. We shut the lights and TV off to try to look out the window but did not see anything. We put the porch lights on and saw footprints in the snow up the front steps and back down. Totally freaked us all out. I really can't say who it could have been at that hour and due to the fact that the house was mostly surrounded by woods there was no reason for a person to be there.
    The worst thing for me was when we lived on 5 acres in Florida and hubby had to travel and I was home alone......I did have dogs but never felt comfortable being on the last dirt road surrounded by thousands of empty acres of land in the back of our house......
    I was so happy to move to a gated community by the beach after living there.....
    Never again will I live in the country.
  8. years ago I heard a knock at about 3am answered the door and there was this man standing in the shadows next to my porch my DH asked him what he wanted, he said he needed to use the phone because his car broke down, we told him no and told him use the phone at the hospital down the street. 2 days later we saw that this man was arrested for sexual assault and attempted murder 1 block from our house.
  9. Yeah someone knocked on my door last night. They must have been retarded if they thought I was going to open it for them.
  10. OMG. Thank goodness you guys are okay.
  11. Oh man...this thread reminds me of the time when my bbf and I were staying at a hotel and this guy knocked on our door. She didn't peep before opening it and the guy wanted to force himself in while the door was opened for about 3 inches. My bbf was so quick that before he got in, she slammed it shut. Omg..that scared the crap out of us. Then I peeped out our window and he was gone. I can't really imagine what would happen if she wasn't as quick to close it..
  12. Never had someone bang on the door, but while I was in college, a drug dealer came to collect a debt from someone in my building. He shot the apartment up and killed the person he was trying to collect from. Bullets went into the neighboring apartments including one that had a baby asleep in the bedroom.

    (Yes, I moved.)
  13. OMGosh, all these stories are so real and scary! My hubby is out of town for the whole summer so I have my son's baseball bat by the front door and my bedroom door. My mom lives next door so when it's time to go to sleep she walks over and spends the night. I'm a scardy cat and so is she.. lolz - so we have each other's back!

    Has anyone watched the movie yet? I'm too scared to watch it but I wanna know what happened :push:
  14. Good lord I forgot about that time in college where a roommate's crazy homeless boyfriend showed up at 3am drunk/high. I lived in an apartment with 4 other girls. One girl had an interesting taste in men. She met this guy at a club, he was in one of the bands that was playing there. Well it turned out that he was "homeless", actually squating in a house with his bandmates. They had no hot water, no electricity. She must have thought that this was sexy, you know the grunge bands were the "thing" in the mid 90's. So she would invite him over to our apartment where she would let him wash his clothes and take a shower. Eventually she got tired of him and began to evade his phone calls (he had to make these from a pay phone at a shopping center across the street from the squat house). One night she ditched out on a date with him. That was the night he showed up at our apartment screaming her name, throwing rocks at the windows. Our apartment complex security ran him off. I think the band's name was "Floss".
  15. HELP!!! Why in the world did I watch that trailer!!!??? :cry: