Have you ever had creepy people knock on your door in the middle of the night?

  1. I keep seeing previews for the movie "The Strangers" and, while I know it's a movie and all, was wondering if anybody has ever experienced any late night knockings/weird people outside/etc.

    I want to see the movie (only after I move into my new place and am not living all alone in my apartment--it would freak me out too much) and was reading about it on the IMDB message boards. Someone started a thread on this same topic and I thought I'd start it here. Some of the stories on it were scary, but most of them were downright hilarious and almost had me in tears from laughing so hard (mostly involving scares that turned out to be nothing more than drunk friends knocking on the window).

    Please share if you have one, funny or not.
  2. ^ When I read the title to this thread I thought about that movie, haha. I saw it last night.

    I haven't had someone knock on my door, but I was lying in bed one night after midnight trying to fall asleep and I heard someone tapping on my bedroom window. Scared the bejeezus out of me. At first I just stayed put, my eyes wide open, hoping it was something else (like what, a tree? there was nothing by my window). Anyhow, I heard someone tap again, louder this time, and I flew out of bed and ran and got my mother (I was in high school at the time). So we peek out the front window and both of us got freaked because there was a man just standing there in our yard.

    Turns out, it was my sister's ex-boyfriend. I took over her old bedroom after she moved out, so he gave it a try to see if she was there. It was really scary at first, though!

    When we were little kids, my mom and had gone out with her boyfriend for a date and my cousin babysat me and my sister. We had fallen asleep on the couch, so when my mom came home she decided to let us be. She went upstairs (with her boyfriend), and a little while later a man walked in through the front door (at the time no one in our town locked their doors) and went upstairs and into my mom's room.

    She woke up and saw him standing at the end of her bed. She was so lucky her boyfriend was staying there! He chased the man out, and my mom hurried downstairs to get me and my sister (and was totally freaked because he had walked right by us when he came in), and she brought us upstairs to call the cops. She looked out her bedroom window and could see the guy standing outside across the street, staring up at her through the window!
  3. ^^omg!! :wtf: :wtf:
  4. I haven't personally but my uncle and his family lives out in the boonies on a farm. One night they heard a woman yelling and screaming outside. She came to the back of the house and started banging on the doors. My uncle told everyone (who by then was stuck to the windows) to keep the lights turned off while he called 911. The cops came and they questioned my uncle and the lady. The lady was practically incoherent and tweaking out. She wouldn't tell them HOW she got out to the farm (house is accessible by long private road). The cops told my uncle that she was probably a prostitute who had been dumped off by her John. She and the John were probably partying with methamphetamine.
  5. If someone rings my doorbell or knocks on my door at night I won't answer unless I am expecting someone. If I go up and peek out they will know I'm there.
  6. yup - freaky.

    It was shortly after my divorce. I was living in an empty house that was for sale - my friends allowed me to stay there for a few months while finding a new house. It was pretty empty, not a lot of furniture. I didn't spend a lot of time there, basically just slept and showered there.

    So, 2 a.m. one night/morning there were headlights shining into my room and a really loud, aggressive knock at the door (a little background - very small town, everyone knows everyone, in the rainforest of WA state). I was totally freaked. I froze.

    The person at the door started yelling my name. Scary! Finally, he said "It's XXX, please answer me if you're in there!" It was the local sheriff's deputy!! I ran to the door and opened for him and he pushed past me and said, "Who's here?" I told him nobody but me, i was sleeping. He said, "Somebody is using your phone and calling 911." OMG, I flipped. I was crying and I stood outside in the freezing rain. He checked out the whole house and every closet/bedroom/bathroom (it was a huge farm house and I didn't even use the upstairs).

    Finally between him, dispatch, and the phone company, they figured out that the massive rain had interrupted my phone wires and made it call 911. I dunno, but I didn't sleep there for a week after that! I stayed with friends!
  7. OMG that is scary! I'm never answer the door period. Only when my parents are home, but even then they usually beat me to it.
  8. no....that is one of my worst fears....

    i am too scared to go see the strangers. my friends all went and saw it tonight and they wanted me to go....i said hells no!
  9. I never answer the door. It's usually Mormons trying to preach Jesus so I ignore all knocking. It wouldn't be fair to the Mormons if I actually answered the door and they had to deal with me :p
  10. Oh yes! A few years ago while DH and I were living in Arizona we had a scary experience. One night (it was late around 11 pm) DH and I were walking up to our apartment(just got back from the grocery store) we saw this guy in the grassy area just hanging out. At the time we didn't think anything about it. About half hour later I was in the living room watching t.v. and DH was in the kitchen making us a snack when all of a sudden I heard someone trying to giggle our door handle. I got off the couch and looked out the peep hole and saw the guy that was in the grassy area trying to force his way in. I immediately got freaked out and screamed for DH. He grabbed a butcher knife out of the kitchen, opened the door and started screaming at the guy. The guy got immediately freaked out and ran away(DH is a big guy 6'3'' and very muscular). Seconds later I called the police. The police searched for about an hour but were never able to find the guy. After that I was never comfortable living in that apartment!

    To this day I thank god that I've always been a paranoid person who keeps her doors locked 24/7. I hate to think what would have happened if I didn't lock the door that night.
  11. actually after reading the above story i was thinking about this thread more. i did have an experience but nothing that has terrified me.

    i live in a college town and all of my neighbors are college students. well my roommates and i live on the 3rd floor. but to get to the 1st floor apartment, you go DOWN stairs, not up. so the girls who live on the 2nd floor always tell their friends to go to the 2nd floor apartment, so people go up 2 flights of stairs and find themselves at my apartment.

    many times we have had people just walk into the apartment thinking that it is their friend's place. i am really OCD about locking doors, but my roommates aren't. so sometimes i will be sitting on the couch watching tv and people will just come in. they realize they are in the wrong place and leave though.

    often we have drunk people at night trying to get in. one night i was sleeping (my bedroom is closest to the front door) and my roommate came to wake me up. she said a guy had been banging for about 20 minutes and wouldn't leave (im a light sleeper so i am surprised i didnt wake up). she thought he was gonna break down the door. i went over to the door and screamed through it that no one he knew was here. took him about 30 more minutes to leave though, i guess he really wanted to see someone!!

    but i have never had someone "creepy" or someone who i thought was going to do me harm....THAT is my biggest fear!
  12. ...I had a resident on a drug trip bang on my door one night in college. I was an RA but was passed out asleep since I had to work the next morning. he eventually got inside (thanks to my roomie) and then opened my door, woke me up, and started jumping on my bed.

    No joke. Drugs are bad, mmkay?
  13. I just watched the trailer for The Strangers because it was mentioned here and now I am scared sh*tless! LOL I'm such a sucker...
  14. not that i remember, but i was watching a movie at like 1 am one night, and somebod knocked on my window, totally freaked me out, i walk out of my bedroom and i run to our front door and i see somebody jump in a car and tires squeel as they drove away.... the house though was in front of some protected woods, so anybody can walk behind there blah....
  15. Once, years ago, about 3 in the morning someone rang the door bell. I barely woke up and went downstairs and peeked out sure enough there was a fairly normal looking guy looking up at out bedroom window. I went up amd got DH who came down with a bat.

    We figured it was odd he rang the bell, so DH answered. Turns out he was a repo guy looking for the people wh lived there before us.