Have you ever had a shot in your cervix?

  1. I know this is an odd question, but I need to have my IUD replaced and I'm terrified and putting it off because havng it inserted hurt like HELLLLLL! My OB said she could give me a local down there, which I assume would be in my cervix, but that sounded as bad as the IUD. Has anyone ever had a shot down there and know how bad it is? I really want to be put under anesthesia for my IUD replacement but my doc said I can't do that. The only other option is IF I decide to have lipo (which I very well may) she said she'd be willing to come do it when I'm under for the surgery. But that could be a while from now and I'm not sure how the plastic surgeon would feel about that.
  2. Umm... no, can't say I have.

    I'm wondering though, perhaps you could look into a different form of birth control? I think the anticipation of the pain from the IUD placement is worse than the actual procedure, how about asking for a tranquilizer to help with that?
  3. Wow! I had several replacement and it didn't hurt at all. One on the IUD fell out... It hurt several days because my body was getting used to it. I'm sorry, hope it goes okay...
  4. I've had this IUD for five years and I love it. But the hormones are running out that keep me from having periods and that sucks. When I first had it put in she gave me Valium and it didn't do a damn thing. This is the only form of BC I can use. All the pills give me migraines. Plus I like not having periods. I just have to figure a way to get it replaced without so much pain.

    kcf68, have you had children? I've heard if you have it's not as painful. The only thing I've ever felt as painful as mine was an endometrial biopsy. They were both equally the worst pain I have ever felt in my life.
  5. I personally have had several biopsies as well as a Leep Procedure done. I found neither one of them to be remotely painful. I don't even believe that there are nerves in ones Cervix......could be wrong, but from where I was sittin' (haha...no pun intended) it didn't feel like it.
    Take the shot for sure and make it easy on yourself.
  6. There must be nerves there-see below! LOL

    Yes, I have had a few shots in my cervix and they weren't bad at all. A tiny pinch. What killed me was that the shot apparently didn't cover my entire cervix and during my leap he cut some skin off that wasn't numb. It was just one spot as the rest I didn't feel. He wanted to knock me out for the procedure but I HATE being knocked out! But UGH that little bit was painful. I nearly jumped off the table. Funny thing though the biopsies I BARELY felt. :tup:
  7. from the sound of the other ladies' experiences, zophie, you may want to try a different doctor...
  8. I didn't think that getting an IUD was supposed to hurt....

    That being said, I have had a shot in my cervix and yes, it did hurt, but it was like a tiny sharp pinch and then it was over, and then everything was comfortably numb and I had no idea what was going on.

    I'm thinking that if Vicodin didn't do anything, you should definitely try the shot. Look at it this way: You only have to do it every five years. A little pain is worth it?
  9. When I had my IUD (Mirena) put in, the doctor froze my cervix. It did hurt a bit, a couple of pinches. Then nothing. The size of the needle was a little scary though. He said he would never insert an IUD without freezing.
  10. well, maybe I'll ask about freezing. All I know is the IUD and the biopsy hurt like bloody hell! I think I must just have a small opening or something that it goes into. I LOVE my OB so I don't want to change but I need to figure something out. I just had my first period in ages so I think I need to do it soon.