Have you ever had a rocco then sell it and now miss it again?

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    I had 2 rocco before: patent leather silver cupcake studs and black leather brass bullet studs... I thought the bags are too weight and i sold them both. Now i miss the brass bullet studs. I've fell in love with awang the first time i saw that rocco brass bullet studs. I love the studs so much. But after i have it, i feel bored and too weight. Now i miss my brass studs rocco and thinking to get the pre-loved one. Do you guys know where can i find it? How much for the price for the new one now? Have you guys been in my position? Let go the rocco and now miss it back :sad:

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  2. Uh..absolutely!!! I used to have a grey w/o strap, and a black/brass without strap, and then the ones with the straps came out so I sold those two to get a luggage one with a strap. Then I ended up selling that one because I didn't use it enough. So the other day I ordered the black with rose gold which I just got in the mail today.

    I was actually disappointed by the RG one I got today. It felt MUCH heavier than any of my previous ones and the leather is MUCH stiffer, thicker and less supple and soft. Did AW change the leather from lambskin to cowhide? Anyway, I also miss my old bags.
  3. Yes - I sold mine and miss it still. BUT the weight of it was simply not possible for me. I still love the look and idea of them though. Especially the brass studs. *sigh*
  4. Hmmm....let's see. Yes, yes, yes, and yes! That's a yes for each Rocco I have loved and let go of and for the one that's soon to be mine again! ;) Maybe this time I've finally learned my lesson!
  5. Me too!! Never ever let go your awang again... I ended bought rockie duffel in brass antique studs... Love it to the max...



    Really glad to have him back :hugs:
  6. Why? I think the RG studs is nice and charming. It becomes to be my wishlist now :smile: i just bought rockie for 2 weeks ago and think that it has the same leather with my previous rocco. But more pebbles.
  7. Yeahhh i missed it until i can't sleep. Then i decided to buy the new rockie cause i can't wait for the preloved any longer :biggrin:
  8. Not yet.......................but I did with a Dooney. I ended up buying another one just like it on Ebay. When I received it I was reminded of why I sold it in the first place :P So I ended up selling that one again on Ebay. Now when I sell something I let it go...............literally
  9. For this reason, I will never sell my Rocco! Unless I truly just did not love it any more. If I still liked it a little bit, I'd keep it. But anyway, I would never give up my Rocco, I know I'll always regret it if I did.
  10. I really miss my mustard Rocco.
  11. Love the look - hate the weight. Isn't that the Rocco dilemna?

    Each time I've considered selling it, I go into the Celebrity Style thread, see all the WAGs toting them about as if they weight nothing and I can't imagine getting rid of it.

    It really is a super badass looking purse. Too bad it feels like 25 lbs empty...
  12. Agree!! Yeah i had regret to sold my 2 roccos and now own a rockie with brass studs. I won't let go this badass anymore and still looking for his big bro' rocco in RG. Keep looking the celebrity with awang thread. I do that too. We will more fall in love with this badass hahaha..